Nikon AI lenses on Nikon D780

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  1. Cameras assume nothing. Simply put, if the OP just cranked the lens into place with no mechanical aperture linkage, the camera likely registers nothing--nada, aperture-wise. Old NAI Nikkors have to be updated to catch the AI tab to tell the body the aperture setting. Using them as you would with an adapter on a non-Nikon body isn't really on because of the potential to f-up the AI tab. Why all the confusion? Not all F-mount lenses are the same.
  2. My mistake it would think you set at maximum aperture because the coupling is where the maximum aperture is.
  3. It would be good if the OP first would answer questions about the lens type and wether it is AI-d , or would show a full picture of the front and the back of the lens.

    Without this, everye answer is just speculative and not satisfying , i think ..
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    Exactly, but it is up to the OP to follow up. I don't think we have responded in any way that would drive the OP away; certainly not yet. o_O
  5. But also no AI follower tab to worry about breaking!

    Earlier AI cameras have a movable tab. I think the Df does, too.
  6. AI or AIS lenses on the D780 does allow matrix metering. The lenses I’m using on my D780 right now include the 18mm f3.5 AIS, 35mm f1.4 AIS, 85mm f1.4 AIS and 135mm f2 AIS.

    Metering is set to Matrix and works flawlessly and yes, you need to dial in the non-cpu focal length and maximum aperture.
  7. I guess the 'issue' here is that the Post Title refers to D780 with AI lenses, but the lens shown is Pre (Non)-Ai, by some way.....:confused:

    Live Histo is the way to go with Auto ISO engaged.... along with zoomed MF and focus peaking.

    I guess you can use Matrix Metering and control everything yourself.......;)
  8. However, many AF cameras with no AI tab do have a minimum-aperture tab which senses when pre-G AF lenses are set to minimum aperture. On earlier ones (the D70 included) this tab moves sideways, where on later models it moves downwards. Sideways ones can be damaged by a pre-AI lens, including those that are minimally milled to work with an AI camera. See Compatibility Table for the list.
  9. Will Nikon G lenses be fully functional on my D300?
  10. You’d need to check your firmware. If you have the latest firmware installed they should work with one exception.

    The “P” lenses that use the newer stepper motor instead of afs, from what I am reading, will not focus on the D300. There are not too many of those lenses.
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  11. Somewhere I have a D70s, but I don't use it anymore. I have a D200 which I like much better.
    I don't remember that tab on the D70s, but I probably also didn't try to mount any so old lenses on it.

    explains which N cameras have that tab. I do have an N80, but also probably didn't
    try to mount pre-AI lenses on it, though maybe AI. I don't remember the tab, but then I
    might not have looked for it. It doesn't mention D cameras.

    The non-AI lens I use most is a Vivitar 500/8 catadioptric, which is T-mount and for which I
    got a cheap T-mount adapter. Since it doesn't have an aperture ring, and the T-mount
    doesn't have those tabs, I have never had a problem with it.
  12. Yes it is an AI lens. I AI’d it myself. But you are correct, in seeing that it was originally a pre-AI lens. It’s the first edition of the classic 105 f/2.5 lenses.
  13. I am losing track of what has been said where, but (as I think B Gelfand explained), if this camera follows the same rules as many others including the D7100 and its ilk, the meter will default to center weighted if the lens is not accompanied by a filled-in lens number in the "non cpu lens" menu. If it is correct for the lens, it will matrix meter and provide the correct EXIF information. If it is incorrect for the lens, but aperture and FL are not blank, it will matrix meter but return the wrong EXIF information.
  14. D780 and 135mm f2 AIS..




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