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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Russ-Suzanne, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Hello

    When I screw an older AI lens onto my D70 and D780, will the camera automatically default to center-weighted metering? No more matrix metering?

    Thank you


    Thank you
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    1. I don't know about the metering but the old Nikkor looks good on that Nikon.
  2. Most likely You want to enter focal lenght and maximum aperture to MENU > SETUP > Non-CPU Lens Data and matrix metering is supported. The camera remembers last non cpu one that has been entered as remounted.
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  3. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

    Hi Russ, Are you sure that is an ai lens - looks like a pre ai to me so mounting it could cause damage to the camera. I have an old D700 and several non ai lenses and wouldn't even try. (Plenty on Google) - Bill.
  4. Just what is that lens?
  5. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

    Nikkor P 105mm f2.5 - I think.
  6. First, be sure the lens has been AI'ed, or it stands a good chance of damaging your camera by bending the AI coupler.

    If the 780 is like my D750 (and I assume it is for non-CPU lenses), if you enter the focal length and maximum aperture in Non-CPU Lens Data in the Setup menu, the camera will be able to utilize Color Matrix Metering, as well as spot and center weigh metering, The D750 can store the data for up to nine differnet lenses, consult the manual for the D780.
  7. Hummm, the pic of the 105mm 2.5 P on photosynthesis has the focus scale in m (meters) next to the infinity mark, and the chrome ring. This one seems to be ft only and has a screw hole opposite the infinity mark on the focus ring.

    But the f2.5, scalloping and chrome make it a P.....:confused:

    Modded somehow?
  8. EDIT....It's a 105mm 2.5 P non-ai (l)
  9. I am not sure but it certainly looks like a Pre AI lens and without modification it can damage the D780. With an AI lens you can have matrix metering and can shoot in both A and M mode once you enter the non CPU lens data. For the D70 no meter is available with AI lens and it only works in M mode.
  10. Well, it's mounted on the camera so obviously it didn't damage anything. Is that an AI ridge showing to the right of the fork?
  11. According to the Photosynthesis web site, the lens is a 10.5cm f/2.5 "P". The serial number, 136700, makes it a non-AI. Not that it may have been AI'd later.
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  12. The lens had better be sporting a factory Ai aperture ring or have a notch appropriately Dremel-ed into the original. If not, a visit to Nikon service could be in your future if the camera's Ai follower tab is busted.
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  13. ShunCheung

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    That is definitely a pre-AI lens originally as the "rabbit ear" coupling fork is solid. In the late pre-AI era, Nikon started adding a rubber cover over the focusing ring.

    You need either a lens with a CPU or enter the lens maximum aperture into the non-CPU lens data to have matrix metering.
  14. I'm obviously missing something obvious here....:rolleyes:

    If you've got long enough to MF this moderate tele lens, you've got long enough either to do a 'test' exposure, and adjust to taste or do a 5 stop bracket set. If it's for something like portraiture, the light won't change that much between individual exposures anyway.

    ...... or maybe use the Live Histogram in LV when you're accurately focusing the thing.

    It's a lens with heaps of character and i can see why you want to use it, but it's never going to be a quick lens to use, matrix metering or not.

    I'd personally use full Manual Exp. with auto ISO and just use exp.comp +/- to adjust to taste.

    I guess you already know what shutter speed and f stop you want to use for the job in hand, right?
  15. When the meter in my Df failed early 2018 and before I could have it fixed. I shot a few hundred shots with it without any meter. It worked just fine. Metering isn't important any more.
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  16. Let's assume the OP hasn't already damaged the camera's Ai follower by cramming the old 105 on the 780. Still the lens won't let the camera know its aperture without an Ai coupling.
  17. If it thinks the lens is AI lens it would assume minimum aperture I think.

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