Nikon 70-200 AFS VR

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by duncan ireland, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. If you're interested in this lens but are undecided whether it's for you I've just posted a review based on my experiences from the last six months. This lens is a big investment. When I was first considering buying it I tried to find as much user feedback as possible. Having now built up a lot of time in the field with the lens doing documentary style photography I hope that my observations will be of use to anyone going through the same 'to buy or not to buy' dilemma. The lens review is at: All the best. Duncan Ireland
  2. Nice work Duncan. It's interesting to find someone else who shoots similar material (that outdoorsy people/dogs/horses documentary stuff, for example) have essentially all of the same thoughts I do about that lens. Like it has for you, that lens has completely altered what and how I shoot. You might expand your exploration, at some point, by trying with one of Nikon's newer teleconverters. I've been occasionally mounting the 1.7x made for that lens, and though it does introduce some of the expected compromises, it's truly amazing. Keep up the good shooting and thoughtful writing.
  3. Thanks Duncan for the great review. I hope you'll post more reviews in the future.

    Regards, Edmond
  4. Excellent Duncan.
    I like your style as well.
  5. Great review Duncan. A pro at my local camera club uses this lens for the same type of material. He also has a D3 on order and has offered to let me have a play when he gets it.
  6. Nice job, Duncan. Thanks for Sharing.

    Juan Parmenides
  7. the 70-200mm VR is a really nice lens, I had it for a bit but IMO is way to expensive to use it only once in a while..

    Beside that, I really like your pictures... awesome that you shot only Black and White.
  8. Great review, Duncan. I, too, am looking for information on which telephoto to buy for my D70s. I shoot concert photography only. I love the lens, but the biggest question that I have not been able to get answered is whether I necessarily need the VR, or whether I can get away with a lens that doesn't have that, and costs half the price? Any opinion on that?

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