Nikon 55mm mf micro/macro f 2.8 NOISE

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jung_kook_paik, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. I've recently purchased this lense. It is cosmetically and optically perfect,
    but I hear a kind of small clinking noise when I shake the lense. Perhaps
    something got loose internally. Is it normal for this lens? Otherwise, I have
    to return it. Thanks.
  2. Normal.

    I suspect it is the slight mechanical play in the aperture stopdown lever and diaphragm assembly that you are hearing. Set the aperture to f/32 and you will see there is a little bit of free movement in the stop down linkage. If you put your finger on the lever and shake - no noise. Take your finger off and shake - clink, clink.
  3. Don't shake the lens. ;)
  4. All nikon lenses rattle when they are not on a camera. The lever that stops down the lens moves freely.
  5. Jung-Kook,<br>
    I&#146;ll double check later today but I&#146;m totally sure this
    is normal. I can&#146;t think what to call it but the device
    making the noise rides on 6 dry ball bearings. It needs to be
    loose to function in a motor driven camera at 8 fps. It&#146;s
    part of the aperture control linkage. I've owned a 55/2.8 AIS
    Micro-Nikkor since its introduction.<br>
    Dave Hartman.
  6. Dear Hartman and Ging,

    Thanks for your kind answers. I found that the clinking sound has to do with the movement of the stopdown lever. I just want to add that when the aperture is at 2.8, the lever moves freely, and when it is at 32, the lever gets resilient and does not seem to move much, but I still hear "clinking," even when the lens on a camera. My other Nikon AIS lens (i.e.: 50mm and 135mm) don't have this kind of problem(?): in these lenses, the lever doesn't move at all at maximum aperture, and gets very resilient at minimum aperture.


    J.K. Paik
  7. I remembered and now I&#146;ve double checked my 55/2.8 AIS
    Micro. I compared it to my 55/3.5 AI Micro. The aperture stop
    down lever in the 55/2.8 AIS Micro is not spring loaded and
    therefor can rattle since it floats freely on dry ball bearings.
    There is spring loading deeper in the lens to close the aperture
    blades. The function of the aperture stop down lever is to hold
    the lens aperture open until an exposure or the DOF preview
    button is pushed. The name seems reversed considering its
    function but this is name give at Photography in Malaysia. It&#146;s
    probably official Nikon terminology. In the case of the 55/3.5
    the spring loading that stops down the aperture is applied to the
    aperture stop down lever itself (OK, that makes more sense) so
    the lens, like most other Nikkor lenses doesn&#146;t have an
    apparent rattle like that of the 55/2.8 AIS Micro.<br>
    All is well that end well, yes? I do hope this makes sense as I&#146;m
    really tired. Anyway I checked and the 55/2.8 AIS rattles as I was
    sure it would. You get to ignoring this when you uses the lens. The
    55/2.8 is one of my favorite lenses.<br>
    I'm a fool for these lenses. I own four 55mm Micro-Nikkors and a
    60/2.8 AF Micro-Nikkor among other Micro-Nikkors.<br>
    Dave Hartman.<br>
    NAS is not evil; NAS is good (sm).

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