Nikon 28-80 "D" vs "G"

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rdeanda, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Since KEH has the "D" version pretty cheap, I was thinking of
    picking one up. I already have the "G" version and the build
    quality is very weak. I understand that the "D" is not pro build
    either, however, which one has the better build?

    I am looking for something at least comparible to my 50 F/1.8 D.

    Also, are there significant optical differences between the D & G?

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  2. Robert,

    Aside from the absence of an aperture ring on the "G" lens, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference.

    Since you already have a "G" version, don't waste any money to get the "D" version.

    This is not true of the G/D pair in the 70-300mm focal length, where at least the makeup of the optical elements is different -- better --in the D version with its ED glass.

    But for the least expensive 28-80 lenses that Nikon has offered in three or more versions since the mid 1990s, I see no reason to "collect the whole set." The 28-100 is a kissing cousin to these, by the way. If you have any one of that batch, no need to spend money on any others in a vain hunt for improved performance.

    If you want a step up, look into the 28-105 D lens, a terrific value in the Nikkor lineup.

    Be well,
  3. I shoot with a D100..I have nothing but "D" type lens..I find it hard to believe that a "G" type or any other can beat the optics of a "D" type lens. They are extra sharp. In fact I just today from,E/Bay bought a super wide 20mm 2.8 "D" type lens to go along with the three others I have...They are much cheaper (used) than a newer "G"type and are just as good or better. Save youself a lot of money look around for "D" lens.

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