Nikon 135mm 2.8 ai vs NIkon 135mm 2.8 ais?

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  1. Fair enough, but I find I can actually often nail focus better with the >0< on AF cameras than I can with a split image, although I'm a big slower at it. Granted when I got the D800, I QUICKLY learned that it's pretty unforgiving in terms of not having focus dead on(and if you pixel peep you'll often see more OOF than in focus). By contrast, when many of us never took our photos beyond a 4x6 print-or a 4x loop if you were a transparency shooter-focus errors would often hide.

    Heck, in my early days when I mostly shot 400 ASA print film and rarely saw more than a 4x6 print, I was perfectly content to shoot a 50mm lens all day at 1/60. When I started shooting slide and both looking at them more critically and scanning them, I quickly realized that I needed at least 1/125 with a 50mm lens for reliable sharpness, and faster if I could manage it.

    A year and a half ago or so, I visited some family down in Wilmington, NC, which is a beautifully picturesque town. I shot a lot of photos with my Canon Rebel and the kit lens, but also a decent amount with my Bronica SQ-A on Velvia 50. I put together a photo CD to send them, and Initially I was actually ashamed to send the Velvia scans when I realized that between motion blur and film flatness issues the scans just weren't that sharp. Finally, I had to slap myself back into reality and remember that I was looking at 4000 dpi scans, which are nearly 10,000 pixels square. When I took them down to a reasonable resolution, I sent the ones worth sending without shame as they looked fine.
  2. Sorry Dieter I mixed you up with Wouter.
  3. And I mixed up the Leica R and M systems.

    Given enough time and a really static subject, I can also improve the hit rate. Trouble is, portraiture isn't really of static subjects (at least not nowadays;))
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  4. sorry , deleted post, i not read well ..
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  5. Jochen might be referring to a Canon lens - just guessing.
  6. @c.p.m.: Pentax made a 135/2.8 screwdriver AF lens in the late 80s.
  7. Thx Jochen, i realized it was not about a Nikon lens to late, so that's why i wiped my reaction hoping no one had read it yet.. :):D:rolleyes:
  8. Just my two cents...No difference in the models your asking about but there is a heck of a difference between the image quality of the 135mm f2 AI/AIs vs the f2.8 models. The f2 is tack sharp at f2 and great for indoor work and portraits. It's worth the extra bucks.

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