Nikon 1 J3 file numbering overlap warning

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  1. I just returned from a vacation with approximately 1100 shots taken on my J3. While downloading the photos to my computer, I noticed that the camera had gone from folder 100NC1J3 to 101NC1J3, which I expected since the camera has now taken over 1K photos. What I did not expect was that the last photo taken in folder 100NC1J3 has the same file name as the first photo taken in folder 101NC1J3. In this case both files were named DSC_0703. I checked both photos and confirmed that they are different, so its not that the camera saved the same photo to both folders.
    I normally save each day's photos to a separate folder on the computer, but decided this time to lump everything from this trip into one folder. Had I not been paying attention, I would have overwritten one of the photos. It wouldn't have been any big loss in my case, but I thought I'd post a heads-up in case this odd numbering sequence trips anyone up.
    My J3 has firmware A 1.20 and B 1.20. The menu option for "Reset file numbering" is set to No.
  2. To prevent problems such as the one you have described, I use a download program that creates a unique file name for
    each image at the time of download to my PC. I use Downloader Pro by Breeze Systems. Nikon Transfer, free, and part
    of Nikon View NX 2 , probably can do the same thing. I suggest you check out all of the advantages of using such
    programs as they will really help you in organizing your files and preventing and deletion of images with the same name.

    Joe Smith

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