Nikkormat FTN from Japan

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  1. I'd need a time machine to go back to 1974 to find a cleaner sample. The body seems in working order. The lenses that came with the kit are also really clean, both inside (via flashlight test) and out. The 24/f2.8 and 105/f2.5 are both made in 1965. The real surprise is what was suppose to be an 50/F2. Is actually a 1963, mint condition 55/F3.5 Compensating Micro-Nikkor with a metric only, distance scale.
    My next move is to run a roll of Kodak Gold 200 through this gem. I will post these asap. Meanwhile I couldn't be happier. The kit came with all the original packaging, receipts with the original owners name, a body case and a full compliment of metal Nikon lens shades. This stuff should be in a museum. I doubt this camera saw more than few dozen rolls? Classic camera bliss, is mine.
    I should mention this is probably my 13th or 14th Nikkormat. Almost all of them still see film throughout a year's time too. Oh, and the price for all this? A little over 12,000 yen, about $150 USD.
  2. You do know how to find them, Steve. Definately a gem. Congratulations. I am not the least bit jealous...yes I am, yes I am!
  3. That's curious -- a domestic one in Japan would normally be a Nikomat. Nikkormats were for export, not for locals, because they didn't charge the high taxes on them.
  4. Wow Steve, that's a lot prettier than the FT2 I found last week.

    Rick H.
  5. Steve,
    Looking forward to your pictures. You got a great selection of lenses to go with your camera.
    I just picked up a Nikkormat FTN off of Ebay. I have some Fujicolor 100 to run through it.
  6. No, it shouldn't be in a museum.
    It should be out taking pictures. I don't take enough with my Nikomat FT2. It's nowhere near as pretty as yours. 1/2inch tall numbers engraved into it don't help much.
  7. This camera was sold new in Tokyo, and for whatever reason it isn't a "Nikomat". Two of the lenses (24/105) are in both feet/meters, and the 55 Micro has meters only. The plastic self timer and rewind lever tip were both added late in the FTN's run, during the Nikon F2 / Nikkormat FT2 era.
  8. Very fine condition. Congrats. Can't wait to see some photos.
  9. Yeah, that's a beauty! One like that is impossible to resist, no matter how many you've had. Also looking forward to pictures.
  10. Sweet! Great find, Steve. It really does look new.
  11. I would guess with such a pristine model. I think as a connoisseur you can truly appreciate your find too.... with film!! Glad to hear that all of the Nikkormats erceive exercise!!
  12. I got a mint condition FTn last year. It has become one of my favorite cameras! That Nikkormat has everything you'd need. Mine has an all metal film advance lever and I estimate it's from late 1969 or early 70. The meter works great too.
  13. I just had my FTn overhauled last year and it has gotten some good usage in the past couple months. Simple and solid, great cameras!
  14. Hi, Steve Congratulations on acquiring a really pristine examle of a Nikkormat. I got one a couple of years ago here in Perth, not quite as nice-looking as yours and with a sleepy Copal shutter which the local Repair Guru sorted out very reasonably.
    Strangely, it came with only an F3.5 28mm Nikkor, so maybe the previous owner who'd bought it in Singapore had a thing about party photogaphs. Also, like John S. touched on, mine is also a 'Nikomat' not a 'Nikkormat'. Lovely cameras, with a really nice mechanical feel to them. (PN)

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