Nikkormat EL Prism swap?

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  1. I have a Nikkormat EL body that works fine but the prism appears to have a growing fungus problem. I also have a non-functioning EL body for parts. How difficult would it be for me to remove the fungus prism and swap it for the good one from the parts camera? Has anyone done something like this? If so, what is the procedure? Thanks.
  2. A repair guide can be found here. It'll demonstrate the dis-assembly (sort of) via exploded parts diagrams, etc.
    Just look for the Nikkormat EL one.
    No comment from me on if this is a good idea or not.
    Jim M.
  3. Thanks for the reply Jim M. but that website is not working for me. Have clicked on the Nikkormat EL and nothing comes up.
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    Robert, maybe try a different browser. I tried it and got some repair manual. I am using Google Chrome.
  5. Thanks. I just tried Google Chrome and it works. Thanks again.
  6. I have removed everything that I can see from the top cover but it will not come off. It does not even seem to be loose. Does anyone know if I have missed something? From the parts diagram it looks like the prism should be easily removed one the top cover is off. It looks like it is just held on with two small springs.
  7. Maybe you can find a youtube video?
  8. Have you removed the ring at the base of the shutter speed dial? You may be able to loosen it with friction, but if not you can use a micro drill to notch the ring in two places 180 degrees apart and then remove it CCW with a spanner wrench.
  9. Thanks Steven. That was it! I was not sure if that was a retaining ring or part of the top plate. It is very finely machined and fitted so it looked like it was part of the top plate. It was tight but came off with friction with a piece of rubber wrapped around it. Man, they really built these cameras. This is my first foray in taking one apart and am really impressed with the level of materials and machining and design. It is no wonder that they were expensive. I wonder what it would cost in todays dollars to reproduce.
  10. SUCCESS! I just finished swapping the prism from my parts camera with the fungus infected prism in my good camera. It was not that difficult. I just took my time and did not force anything. I did not break anything and the camera still works! I did purchase some tools that made it much easier. I found a company called Micro Tools. They have a fantastic selection of tools for camera and watch repairs. These tools are not the Dollar Store kits you can buy. They are not inexpensive but they are what my late friend Rodney would call REAL tools. I found out that the screws that look like Phillips head screws are NOT Phillips heads. They are JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). Using Phillips head screwdrivers will bugger these screws up for sure. If you are going to try working on cameras I highly recommend that you purchase a good set of JIS screwdrivers. I just want to thank everyone here for the help and advice. Thank you!
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    Great. But it took two weeks?? :)
  12. I ordered the tools and it took over a week to get them.

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