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  1. Actually, I took a chance and tried it on 2 more old lenses and now both lenses work like new. The trick is not to over saturate, just 2-3 sprays will do...
  2. Trying out old manual lenses has been a lot of fun over the years, now on a D850 after a D800 for 6 years. I recently posted on the 200 F3.5 ED AF (for F3AF only) that I just got. It is as good as the 180 f2.8 ED manual focus I own, perhaps a little sharper in the corners. Evidently an uncommon lens.
    The 50-135 f3.5 MF zoom is very good. I tried a lot of zooms and found the variable aperture ones not to work very well. Of course the 75-150 f3.5 series E is a good one.
    Over time I have collected good samples of used zeiss MF lenses and use them a lot. 35 f2; 50 macro planar f2. 100 f2. 135 f2. All very nice but not really fair comparisons.
    I find that the focal length I walk around with changes how I look at things. Cropping in with telephoto vs close but wide view with wide angle.
    All better than being bored.

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