Nikkor Apo Lens Information 360mm required

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by chris_pics, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. I have a W.A.Apo - Nikkor 1:9 f=360mm Nikon lens. I've no idea of
    what it's actually for, or as to it's value, or indeed if anyone
    needs it. The lens is as new and could probably do with a new home
    as I never use it. Any information on this would be useful. Thanks
  2. Chris: I believe that this lens is one of the Nikkor process lenses. I have Nikkor APO 420 and 610 lenses and both came from process cameras which needed the Apochromatic color correction. If this is what it is they sell from about $50 to $200 on Ebay. I have had mine mounted in Sinar lens boards and use them for general photography. Both are very sharp from edge to edge even at infinity (they were designed to be used much closer). Also both of mine have huge coverage areas and allow for much movement even at 8x10. SGrimes can adapt them to lens boards and even to shutters so you might wish to consider using it yourself. Hope this helps. Jim
  3. Thanks James, very useful and fast reply!, I've gone all digital now, and this lens was in my studio just collecting dust in a locker, so I'll probably sell it on e bay. Thanks for your answer
  4. It's a WA F/9.0 360mm?? That sounds wrong this early in the morning. I thought the WA were F/10 and the common one was 260mm. The F/9.0 360mm isn't a WA. At least mine isn't.
  5. It's not early in the morning for me as I'm in the UK! The lens has W.A.Apo - NIKKOR 1:9 f=360mm on the front of it. The lens aperture is from 9 - 128. Good morning to you anyway!
  6. Chris,

    I believe it is a six-element four-cell lens like the G-Claron et al. .. the lens is relatively rare compared to the more common 4-element Artar-type Apo Nikkor's


  7. Nikon made a couple of types of process lenses. One type has a huge front element that sticks way out from the front of the lens barrel. I _thought_ these were the WA version and no faster than f/10. Supposedly these were very expensive, cost is no object lenses.

    The standard set, I _thought_ were the f/9 (at least around 300-400mm) series. Their front element is more "normal" sized and doesn't protrude from the front of the lens barrel. I've got one of these 360 mm f/9. Bought on E-Bay in either 99 or 00 (probably 99). I had Steve Grimes mount it in a shutter. The shutter mounting cost more than the lens. (most of that was the cost of a new no. 3 shutter!) I use it for 4x5, and it's very nice.

    This info on the Nikkor series comes mostly from my recollection of various vendors' claims a few years back. That and my experience with the 360/9 It's probably worth what you paid for it. :)
  8. I have a digital photo of the lens if anyone would like to look at it, just e mail me and I'll send a couple!
  9. That photo was a bit big, here's amaller one!
  10. This lens is now on e bay if anyone out there is interested in it. It finishes on the 2nd November, and can be found under Photography - Large Format.
  11. That's a repro lens of some sort.

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