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  1. Hi. I finally found this Nikkor to add to my collection of mirror lenses. With some mirror lenses you get a note stating that the neutral filter should be left in place because it is part of the lightpath. Does anyone know if that is also the case with the Nikon ? (It is the older version) Thank you.
  2. Leave it there!
  3. Thanks a lot ! Will do... and I score the manual too. Great !
  4. Just to be clear, the ordinary, every-day filter needs to be clear. "Neutral density " filters are for when there is too much light and you need to cut down the incoming light. :)

    If the filter in the lens is not clear you can buy 39mm clear ones on eBay. The as-sold kit with the Reflex-Nikkor 500mm f/8 came with 39mm clear, red, yellow, and 4X ND.

    By the way, if your lens came with the lovely leather lens cap that slips off too easily in use, you may be interested to know that the "I can't believe it's not butter" tub lid works well enough to protect the front of the lens from dirt. It even comes in Nikon yellow. The fit is close enough that you don't need to worry about any "margarine of error"
  5. Mine came without the clear UV filter fitted. I was lucky enough to find one in a rummage bin after using the lens for some months.

    I fitted the filter, and... I'd like to report that the image quality suddenly took a quantum leap from 'disappointing' to 'excellent'.
    I'd like to..... but I could see absolutely no difference in the indifferent image quality whatsoever.

    Fit the filter, or leave it off. Makes absolutely no difference to the lens's (lack of) performance as far as I can see. It may make a smidge of difference to the focus distance, but since the lens focusses past infinity, that's pretty irrelevant also.

    Edit: I notice that the optical diagram in the manual shows no filter in the light path. Hmmm, strange that!
  6. Lol! You're treading on a slippery slope, there.
  7. Actually, I still haven't seen the lens yet. I should get it on the 16th. Hopefully the UV filter willmbe there. I don't know about the case but I doubt it will come with it. I'm even wandering about the hood. I always use hoods. Now I read the front filter size is 88mm ??? This is weird. Usually I don't care much if a hood is not there since I do have enough of these, but 88mm ?? I've only ever seen 82, 86 or 95mm... We'll see when it comes. Besides the original hood looks so short to me...
  8. PZ
    The hood on the Nikon 500mm f/8 reflex lens is so short as to be useless.
    It is only 11/16 inch / 18mm long.
    I plan to make a hood extension out of black cardboard or a close fitting plastic pipe (if I can find a short scrap).
  9. BTW, this is what the Reflex-Nikkor manual has to say about the filter:

    So non-Nikon filters may or may not do the job properly
  10. Thanks JDM. Hopefully it will be there...
  11. Ok guys. I received the lens. It is in a rather good condition, but not excellent. After an outside cleaning, . There is a fair amount of spots, specks and dust inside, but still not enough to impact the image quality, I believe. Great ! There is a large ring in front which I understand shoulld be the hood I do have a long 90mm hood (dono for which lens it's made) but it doesn't fit...
    There is NO filter... well, I suppose I'll start the hunting now, but I'm still going to try it against the tamron and sigma without filter. The focusing ring is almost loose (very very smooth and a bit of play) so I have to find out how to tighten it a bit. Any advise welcome !
    JDM, we don't have your brand of margarine here, but since there's no front cap I have to find something to keep it covered ! Thanks for reading.
  12. The focus ring on my 500 reflex is very light and smooth. Easy 2 finger focusing.
    I read of a way to put a piece of tape on the lens barrel so when the focusing ring goes over the tape, the added friction dampens the loose feel. But you have to get part of the tape under the focusing ring to start, and that does not seem like it would be easy to do.

    You are going to have to DIY a lens hood. The short dinky Nikon hood is too short to do any good. It has to be 6+ inches long, to shield the front element. IMHO, the only thing the Nikon hood is good for, is as a base to attach a DIY hood to.
  13. I agree with Gary on the uselessness of the supplied hood. Was talking to a guy, and he recommends getting two more of the Nikon hoods and stacking them. Although he didn't give any tips on where to find the extra hoods without paying extortionate prices!

    In fact I really wouldn't recommend the old version of 500mm Reflex-Nikkor to anybody. The IQ just doesn't really stand up on a modern DSLR.

    As I said; fit the filter, or leave it off. It makes zero difference to the image quality. And yes, I do have the genuine Nikon 39mm filter.

    "The focusing ring is almost loose (very very smooth and a bit of play) so I have to find out how to tighten it a bit."

    - It probably needs re-greasing. The right grade of grease makes a heck of a lot of difference in stiffness with a massive helicoid like a mirror lens.
  14. Thanks to all. It might help if I tell you that I got the lens as a gift ($ 0.00 ) and I do collect mirror lenses to a certain extend (quite linked to finances and stuff...) So I'm very happy to have it, even if it's not so sharp, and I'm going to use it for sure. It's vintage Nikon too... well...
    Yes the hood is useless and I've never heard of any other lens with a 88mm thread... Maybe I'll try to have my unknown 90mm hood glued or welded to the original one. But I'm not so keen to do that without knowing what that specific hood was made for in the first place...
    Rodeo Joe, Regarding the filter, I note that there seems to be no visible difference and don't mind, but if I find one I'll put it there. It will also block entering dust, and I found quite a lot inside the back. The focusing ring doesn't seem right to me. I really think it is loose, and was hoping to be told to go find some tightening screws under the focusing rubber. But it seems glued and I'm afraid I'll damage it if I try to hard to lift it. I rather wait for advise first. Thanks again for all input.
  15. WRT to a DIY hood, when I bought this lens in the early 70s, the contrast suffered unless the aperture was shaded. I ordered a 4" O.D. aluminum tube from a telescope builders mail order firm, cut a section that would nest backwards on the lens and still fit into the case, and solved the ambient light problem. I achieved a snug fit by gluing a strip of rubberized floor tile (a material of the right thickness handy at the time) inside one end and sanding until the fit on the lens was firm. The inside of the tube was lined with black foam sheet to suppress reflections. After 45 years, the hood still works fine, although the black foam may need replacement. These days my go to source for aluminum is OnlineMetals and black backdrop material I have looks good for a liner.
  16. Well done John. I'm not that much in the DIY thing and in my place it can be difficult just to find specific materials ,but thanks for the idea. The good news is I found on Ebay a 88 to 95 step-up ring and I'm going to get one. Than I'll put the sigma's 95 hood on it. Only 2 issues left. "Loose" focusing ring and filter.
  17. PZ
    The loose focusing ring probably needs a CLA and regreasing.
    You need to tell the tech that the focusing ring feel "lose" so that he knows to address it when he is greasing and reassembling it.
  18. Thanks Gary. I live in Namibia and there's no one left here able to repair camera stuff. I used to know the last camera repair man who was a friend of mine. He passed away 2 years ago. Stuff has to be sent to South Africa with huge costs (for our standards) for courriers to and fro, and customs to be paid twice on the value of the item. The said value is determined by a custom official who doesn't have the slightest clue, therefore he's gonna make sure customs won't loose anything on the deal, so in the end I could have had a unique gold plated 500 for the money. OK, fortunately sometimes I manage to find ways to get things fixed there without all that hasttle but it requires a lot of patience. You sure there are no 3 tightening screws under the focusing rubber ???
  19. By the way, my 88 - 95 adapter ring should be on the way... Glad about that.

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