Nikkor 35-70 1:2.8D AF what is this switch?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by troy_brooks|1, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. I just bought a used Nikkor 35-70 1:2.8D AF with no manual. It has
    a little switch with a white dot on it that can be aligned with a
    orange hash mark. Can someone tell me what this is for?
  2. jbq


    Isn't that the macro switch? (there may be an orange "M" next to the orange line).
  3. Hi Troy, I have this lens, but it is not in front of me. There is a switch that is set to lock in the f stop at its smallest opening for use in Program mode on your camera. If you use aperture priority, you unlock the f stop by using this switch. This switch is usually explained in your camera manual. I hope this is what you were referring to. If not, I will pull out my lens and look at it. I personally love this lens, mainly for its sharpness and speed. Joe Smith
  4. Thanks for your help you are correct it is the f-stop lock.
  5. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    You must have a pretty old version of this lens. I have the even earlier non-D 35-70mm/f2.8 AF and the aperture ring lock is the old-fashion round knob that you press down and rotate. Around the early to mid 1990's, Nikon changed the design to the little switch that you slide up and down.
  6. The macro mode is selected by pressing a knob and turning a ring, and is only functional when the zoom is set to 35mm.. The orange "switch" locks the aperture ring when set to f/22.

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