Nikkor 300mm F2.0 Price?

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  1. Hello,

    One of my friends from Japan had found a 300mm F2.00 Nikkor lens for sale, in
    good working condition. The lens is mint the barrel has minor scratches or
    marks. The Aluminium case is included but the TC is not included. What would
    be the price of this super optic?

    Best Regards
  2. According to B. Moose Peterson's Magic Lantern Guides Nikon Lenses 2nd. Edition, 2000, this lens first introduced at the 1984 Olypics in LA was a beast in many ways. At the time it was discontinued, it was special order only and listed at $22,000.00 US. It weighs in at 16.6 pounds or 7.5 kg for our metric friends. Two things are required for this lens, the muscle to move it and the money to afford it, that is if you can find one, very rare this lens is. The TC-14C was the standard TC sold with this lens. The TC-16A could be used with it as well, but is not compatible with any Nikon D series SLRs. But with the D series 1.5X mag or crop factor, this lens alone is a 450mm f2.

    See this link for lens info:
  3. I'd say what ever you can get it for is a good price. I heard from a friend who was visiting
    another city and by habit checked the local daily newspaper for photo gear, and saw one
    listed for 2800.00. He thought it was a typo, probably a 2.8 instead of the f2. Thought about
    it for another hour then called. The lady was quite nice and said that yes it was an F2 and she
    got it years ago for birds and did'nt want any more than she paid for it in 1986-87 and that
    she was sorry but a guy just called 1/2 an hour ago to buy it. Guy poohed his pant, never
    forgot it, this was back in 92 or 93 and even then they were 9-10K.
  4. Out of curiosity, is it a black or a white barrel? It appears that there's a Nikon 300/2 (black), and a Tochigi Nikon 300/2(white), which seems to be rarer. The Tochigi Nikon is listed on that page Charlie linked to
  5. I purchased my 300/2 incl. the TC-14C for the equivalent of $2000.
  6. Bjorn, when did you buy it?

    This is the black coloured version. Got some marks in the barrel. Lens is fine. The original owner's name is carved in to the tripod collar. Apparently it is around USD 7500.00.

    I have had 600mm AFSII lens which I hated to carry and this is even heavier than that. So the practical use of this lens is minimal. With current DSLRs and higher ISOs 300/2.8 lenses will be a better alternative!
  7. There are three samples of this lens in Norway. I got the one in best condition some years ago. Due to their unbelievable heft and unwieldly bulk, interest in this lens amongst the press photographers was low so price reflected that. One is owned by the Military and the other by a private collector.
  8. There is a Black version available in the UK {at Aperture Photographic}, at the price of 8900 UK pounds {rated as exc+++}.

    I seriously dought that that anyone would pay that sort of money for a relatively less versatile lens than the modern 2.8 AF lenses.

    I suspect the tc-16a WOULD work with this lens on the D2h or D2x {it certainly AF's on my D2h/400mm f2.8 ais}, and I don't get any vignetting problems {probably due to the sensor crop}. Although AF speed is not exceptional, it is usable, and gives very decent quality {slightly better than my nikon tc-14}.
  9. A 300/2 is currently offered in a shop in Tokyo. Part of the foot of the tripod collar is cut down at Nikon. Other than that the condition is not too bad.

    The price tag states JPY787,500 incl. 5% VAT.
  10. Oh,

    FWIW, the above mentioned lens doesn't come with TC-14C.
  11. The TC-14C goes for about $500 to $1000 USD, if you can find one. I have seen two on eBay in 2 years! Should have bought that first cheap one!

    I have seen only two 300/2s on eBay, again in the past two years. One was asking $10,000 USD and never sold on eBay, the other sold for about $5000, so not too bad!

    The Tochigi, however you spell it, sells for around $3000 USD on eBay. Again only seen two or three in the past couple of years, and come to think of it one never did sell. These lenses generally always have a mount made for television cameras and I was never satisfied with the info or possible cost to have it mounted for F. Their is a company in the States that does these television mounts and they appear to cost more than the lens.
  12. The motion Picture industry uses these cameras lenses on Panavision cameras,to get the wonderful Bokeh you see in movies.They sell for more than $10,000.
  13. Panavision over the years has used several different Nikon F series Nikkors in their products.
  14. Cham,
    I might be interested in this lens.

    Could you please send my email address to your friend in Japan?

    FYI, I just joined the forum and it seems that I can not get member email addresses like yours, before posting a certain number of messages.

  15. Hi Andreas,

    Please check the URL
  16. Cham,
    thank you.
    - Andreas
  17. I purchased a Tochigi Nikon 300mm f2 on ebay and use it primarily for motion picture use. My lens had a Nikon f mount but I was able to get a PL mount from Japan for use with Arriflex motion picture cameras. I would like to find a Panavision mount but will probably have to have one made. I have used it with my film and digital still cameras as well. The Tochigi Nikon is the same glass as the origional but has redesigned mechanicals making it better suited for motion picture use. Very solid 3/8 support thread. The focusing is in the conventional direction instead of the Nikon (backwards to most). This makes the lens much more user friendly to camera assistants that have to focus the lens via measuring tape and eye focus. You can expect to pay well over 10K for one of these lenses as most converted 300mm f2's for movie use are 15 to 20K... Probably the most exceptional lens in this focal length out there.

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