Nikkor 3.5 cm/f2.5 in LTM

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  1. I have bought (Nippon Kogaku) Nikkor 3.5 cm/2.5 in LTM with serial no 242880.
    Is there anybody to provide me some more information about this lens, specialy
    the year of production `cause I coluld not find any information about. I think
    it is somewhere about 1951-1952, but I am not sure.
    If somebody have some picutres posted or other informatios about performance of
    this lens I will be very greatfull. Thanx in advance...

  2. I have it in Nikon S version and I can tell you it is very good. This is the lens, mounted on a
    Nikon S3, that shot Ruby shooting Oswald on 24 Nov. 1963,
  3. Although I have this lens in LTM, this is a shot with one of my "S" mount versions.
  4. Agreed, the 35/2.5 W-Nikkor is a fine lens, very flare-resistant for a single-coated lens from the 1950s. The LTM version is optically identical to the various Nikon RF versions.
  5. Alex, how did you find out what lens and camera took that picture? I'm impressed.
  6. Orville, not to sound too blase, but that factoid is pretty well known among long-time Nikon rangefinder enthusiasts.

    The picture was taken by Robert H. Jackson for the Dallas Times Herald.

    As Alex reported he used a Nikon S3 and 35mm F2.5 lens and Tri-X film.

    Robert H. Jackson won a Pulitzer Prize for that photograph.
  7. Thank you all, Alex you are my Guru and I am impressed with your photos and love for rangefinder photography....if you have a time I would like to invite you to take a look at my portfolio, esspecialy street photos, could anybody provide me link ( if there is such one)for Nikkor rangefinder serial lens number...thanx a lot....

  8. The very lens evolved into the famous standard lens for the Nikonos which could still hold its own many decades after.

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