Nikkor 240mm Enlarging Lens on a 4X5 Camera?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by peter_lui, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. I have been offered a Nikkor 240mm Enlaging Lens (For a 5X7?). I was
    thinking of using it on my 4X5 camera. Has anyone tried enlarging lens
    on a camera? Comments?
  2. I have used a 210mm Schneider Componon on my 4x5 RB auto graflex slr. I've been happy with the sharpness of the negatives. I also remove the front lens and get about a 370mm. It also is sharp enough for my purposes. I think it works because the lens is a plasmat design.

    I have done the same thing with a Schneider 360mm Componon on an 11x14 view camera. Here removing the front lens gives a 600mm. On the 11x14 all I do is contact prints, so both lengths are adequately sharp.

    I have brought a 240mm Componon, but haven't used it on a camera yet.
  3. enlarging lenses are specifically corrected for flatfield work, like process camera lenses. the 'process' lens is symmetrical. This means the various lenses in the front of the aperture are the same as behind the aperture. they do not often make very good lenses for general photographic work, though some folks do use them for macro work.
  4. Hi,

    the better enlarger lenses often are non-symmetrical plasmats, in design very similar to taking lenses. In performance such enlarger lenses will often be as good as standard taking lenses.



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