Nikkor 16-35mm lens flaw?

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  1. Hi,
    I am a newbie to this forum. I ordered Nikon 16-35 lens from Best Buy! I received it today and while examining the lens, I discover the curvilinear mark on lens, it’s hard to point exact location if it is on surface of glass or deeper inside. While unboxing, I did not get the feeling that it may be old/returned lens. But this mark on lens make me wonder if it is a concern. I am not sure if it would affect my pictures. I ordered it for my trip to Arizona and it’s coming up in about a week. It would be a bummer to return the lens now as I won’t receive another one in time. Feeling kind of stuck! Please help.

  2. It appears that the discoloration is at the edge of the lens elements, a part that is not involved in image formation. It is probably in the layer of cement that holds the element in. I would test the lens for image defects, and if it looks good, keep it.
  3. Looks like a slight loss of edge paint on a couple of the elements.
    Ideally, this shouldn't happen, but it's such a minor flaw it's hardly worth the trouble of returning the lens.

    It won't affect the image quality, unless it's indicative of the lens being previously repaired or mishandled.

    Thoroughly check the image quality you get from it, and if all is well, then forget about the appearance of the lens.

    You should always check the IQ of a newly-acquired lens anyway. Especially before using it on a trip. Image quality is everything, and what the lens looks like is of little consequence.
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