Nikkor 10.5 mm f/2,8G ED Fisheye

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  1. I just got this lens in the mail today and I just have to say after takeing a
    handfull of shots, This is a Very cool lens, Ive never used a fisheye before
    but it looks like I am going to get alot of fun shots with this. And with my
    D300 due here fri, Im a very happy camper :)
    Any tips or tricks that I should try with this lens?
  2. i use the same lens on my D70. it's a fun lens to have for parties, weddings, and
    snapshots. my advice to you is not to use the lens with the pop up flash. it will cast a
    shadow of the lens onto your images. if you don't have one already, get an off camera
    flash to mount on the hot shoe to get rid of the shadow.
  3. the cardinal rule for this lens is to get close and then get closer. i mean inches not feet.
    you may (and i do) bump your subject so be careful, but more than a couple feet and your
    subject disappears into the background. use the forced perspective to fill the frame with
    your subject but still get a massive background. of course there are no rules for pictures
    and you can shoot some funky distant landscapes.

    even, centered compositions help too, the horizon will only be straight if you put it in the
    middle. be careful of prominent straight lines near the edges of the frame. then break the

    i use this lens mainly for underwater but here's a topside shot - this guy was no more than
    2 feet away, the moment he leapt off, and i was toe to heel with him before he jumped.
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    I would say the cardinal rule for this lens, as all fisheyes, is not to over-use it. It is a fun lens to use and you can get creative, but I make sure I only use mine occasionally. Having said that, there are exceptions to every rule, but I would keep the "over-use" point in mind.
  5. I was supprised with the min focus distance with this lens which leaves me with concern about damaging the front glass. Going to need to be extra carefull when I use this.
  6. I love this little lens too...enjoy it..;)

    <img src="">

    <img src="">
  7. This is a super fun lens. I got one over the summer. Intent was to have fun with my youngest nephew while he was here on vacation.

    For the almost 4 weeks they were here I carried two lenses wherever we went. Be it the beach or Universal Studios etc etc etc. I'd always carry one of them - the 10,5 Fisheye. Always wanted one & this is my first one. I've shot everything from macro style shots to landscapes with it.

    Take notes, watch out with feet, shadows, & plain stuff you don't want in the frame. This lens is often referred to as a small lens. I say it's a Terrier - - it has no idea of it's size & it's bark is most certainly louder than it's bite. ;-)

    Have fun with this great lens & it's easy to shoot everything with it. So learn to use it at the right time - - it's like chocolate - addictive. ;-)


  8. Or you can get
  9. One thing I've noticed about using a fisheye - outdoors, anyway - is that exposure can be a little tricky. You have to be a little more aware of the scene than with tighter compositions.

    I have only the Nikon 16mm AF film fisheye, but you'll be able to learn what works and what doesn't better with digital.

    I've often switched to Center Weighted Metering with a fisheye.
  10. Juanjo.... I like that shot! It's cool. By the way, becreful not to post too much or you will make
    people upset again.... LOL

    Cheers! Rene'

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