NIK color efex pro 4

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by kylebybee, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. I've gone to several web sites to see about purchasing this software and they all say discontinued. Can anyone tell me if that is true and what are the alternatives?
  2. I thought it was now only available as the entire collection of NIK tools @ $149 (when NIK sold it to Google, all the individ. products were nuked but the price came WAAAAY down).
  3. If you search, you can find discount codes for 15% off the whole collection. These have worked in the recent past and may still work so you might want to give each of them a try to see if any still work:
  4. Kyle: Here you go -
  5. Now they sell the whole collection only and it is really nice for the price, use the discount. I use most Viveza, Silver Efex and Color Efex 4, and Dfine, and like to use then stand alone with the View NX-2 or Capture NX-D function Open With , just sometimes as a plugin on Elements.

    They have regular updates, last one was on Nov 10, 2014.
  6. Nice software indeed.

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