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  1. need suggestions in if u should use a flash kit or instead continuous lighting source for an upcoming event.

    i photograph dog shows but only as a hobby as i still have so much to learn!

    the setting is a large 3x3 metre white background with the dog/humans standing in front on a podium. as it fall dark the oval lights come on which creat 4 different angles of lighting i have attached a pic for reference. now last year i shot on a canon d6 no lights or flash and not suprisingly had to bump iso and got a lot of noise but still a workable emd product (althoygh not to the quality i would prefer).

    this year i am shooting with cannon 7dmk2 and i am going to add my own light

    now problem with dog and flash is it can add the greed/red eye effect this can be overcome post edit but prefered not for 300 odd photos. for that reason i am lending towards a continuois lighting source at one or two angles. i was hoping this would relieve some stress on the camera and let me drop the iso and keep a quick speed

    does anyone have any recommendations one way or the other. i was looking at an elinchrom dx4 flash kit if i went that way.. and have otherwise been looking at led lighting for continuous source

  2. The eye reflection in dogs and humans is caused by flash (or any other light source) being too close to the camera lens.

    So if you put a flash on a stand off camera it won't give green, red or any other colour of eye.

    Continuous lights would need to be extremely powerful to be useful in this situation. Stick to flash!

    One two speedlights in a softbox brolly would easily do the job. And fairly frontal lighting will enhance the sheen of the dog's coat.

    LED lighting is just not powerful enough at this point in time to be of any use whatsoever for still photography.
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