Nicola Perscheid 210/4.9 lens

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by darko|1, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just have baught this lens, I have googled and did not found much
    information. Lens is a prewar german, Emil Busch a.g. Rathenow. producer.
    I know about Nicola Perscheid as a photographer and I know that he was
    inventiing this soft focus portrait lens...does anybody knows more about. I
    even know that cameraquest S. Gandy has put on his site that he is looking for
    this one... What I really have??? Anybody knows more...please

  2. It is my understanding this is a very rare and expensive lens. Here is a link to an article which discusses many lens, including this one.
  3. Here is a very recent sale on ebay for the Pinkham and Smith portrait lens which I understand is similar to the one you have. Nice find. Hope you are are to post some pictures you take with it.
  4. The story goes like this: I have a friend who`s father was a local photographer. I live in a small town in a central-east part of Croatia . So, my friend knew how much I love photography and call me yesterday if I want to by from him ( he`s father is dead for more than 10 years), some filter for Leica ( I love Leica) and some other accesories. I was interesed. He brought me 4 Leica filters (E39 polarix, orange and UV+E48 yellow ), 2 E-Hanza (135/4.5 & 150/4.5) enlarger lens, 1 ARNZ Jena 86mm EW filter,1 WEP Auto Kinotelex 2x converter (not exactly sure what mount) and this Emil Busch Rathenow. Nicola Perscheid - Objektiv F:4,9 F=21 cm D.R.P. 372059. He ask me if I want buy it. He was asking $150.Well seem reasonable to me. As I have Linhof Color 4x5/9x12 and sometimes I take LF (also have Hasselblad 500 C/M) I decide to by this lens just for fun ( no copal or any other shutter, barrel lens), because I do not have 210 mm lens for portraits.When I ccome home I googled Nicola Perscheid and I was really suprised.
    Never knew that it is a collectors item, also never knew that it is so desirable lens.

  5. Hi Darko,

    Is the lens in good condition and would you be interested in selling it, if yes do not forget me!

    I realized you are from Croatia, I love the food from Dalmatia!

    Beautiful Country

  6. Hi S.S.C

    Very glad that you have ineteresed, but now I am curious also. I have never been using so desirable lens, as I like to shot I think that this lens will never been sold...Anyway the lens is in a phantastic condition, clean glass without scrathes, fungus..( even an old filter was still there), barrel without scrathes, almost new...It would be sin to sell such a beauty, she lasted for a years and I will keep it...thanx for interesting...

  7. Hi Darko,

    I totaly understad, I was thinking after you take x amount of pictures
    and feel perhaps like you would sell it, at least I offered to take care of it. Of course if I purchase it and you feel like using it again, you will be more than welcome. Perhaps we have similar interests.

    Anyway, have fun!!! and CHEERS!!!
  8. Dear Septimus,
    nice that you offered to take care of it...thanks, but it will not be for sale..I have aleredy nice and precious equipment (for me) and I think that this beautie will be another next 30 years my companion...after that...who knows ?? :))))))

  9. Hi Darko,

    Fair Enough:)

    Keep your eyes open in case there happens to be one more available.

    !Enjoy and have fun!

    Thanks & Cheers
  10. Darko,

    I forgot to mention to post some images when you are ready.

    !!!HAVE FUN!!!
  11. Hi S.S.C

    I can`t wait. Aleredy have took some shots..Need several days to come home and process the film.As soon as I did it, I will post!!


  12. Darko my friend, have you made some images I can see... I would appreciate few!!!

    Hope everything in your life is great!!!

    Cheers man...!!!

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