Nice parking job!

Discussion in 'No Words' started by tcyin, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. Parked on "Double yellow lines" Parking fine-web.jpg
  2. Venting in the parking area
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  3. I have told you many times not to park under my window :mad:
    0001a Vandalismo Gamberrada Nevera Encima Coche-LumixG20.jpg Panasonic Lumix G 20 on M 4/3 camera
  4. 0508_16pn.jpg

    Mamiya 645 Pro, Ilford Delta 400n in Studional (1+15)
  5. Crash01.jpg
    Scanned from a faded print.
    Asahi-Pentax S1a , Super-Takumar 55mm f2.0 , no other details available.
  6. Don't park your sheep here the queen doesn't like ito_O
  7. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    "Smart Park"

    Rue de Rennes, Paris 2012
    EOS 5D, 24 -105/4 @ 24mm

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