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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by andrew_schank, Oct 2, 2000.

  1. I found this site by someone who is fairly new to using Leica cameras, but writes about them with a lot of clarity and appreciation. Nothing totally new here, but extremely well presented. Check the link at the bottom on buying Leica -- some good advise for the new potential users.

  2. Thanks Andrew, Interesting site. I wonder what Duane's resume said
    when he applied for the job of staff photographer for a radio station
    that is "The Voice Of The Andes"? I should try that. Hmmmmm...The
    Voice Of Maui; has a nice ring to it.
  3. All I get is "Sorry..." and switched to another web site.
  4. Just tried it again Bill, and it took me right there. maybe you hit
    a traffic jam. Here is his home page with a link to his leica
    article at the Bottom of his "Archive" section on the left side of
    the home page-maybe this will work for you.

  5. Duane told me he was working on his site tonight. Try tomorrow!
  6. Duane Emailed me that we was updating his site tonight. Try tomorrow!
  7. Check out for heaps
    of Leica stuff including Duane Birkey's site. Hope this is useful
  8. Bill,


    I think you assumed (as I did) that the web address was prefaced with
    "www." - well, for some technical reason that escapes me, the address
    should be typed exactly as Andrew Schank writes it. By the way there
    are some rather nice pictures at the site and even in web format you
    can enjoy the lack of distortion (ho ho
  9. It still doesn't work....
  10. Robin,


    I just went on without any problem 1740 HRS today. Are you typing it
    in manually? I used the mouse, Highlighted the address, right
    mouse / "copy"... go to search engine bar, highlight, right
    mouse / "paste"... hit the "go" command. It come up everytime for me
    like that.


    PS... I used the first address in the initial post.

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