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  1. for thos wondering 35 or 50mm .... take a look at this site, it has
    some marvelous (only 50mm) photos Summicron and Elmars ....
  2. Thanks Jonathan,

    To add a few to this list:

    Paul uses only a 50 (lux), according to his site.

    And Wade Heninger, uses mostly a 50 cron

    Of course there're the more famous ones: HCB, Ralph Gibson and Rodney Smith.
  3. Another of the links available on that main page is this one, which takes you to a series of photos including some by forumer Carsten Bockermann. It's basically a "no words" effort. They are Leica rangefinder photos, but perhaps not all taken w/ 50's. Some very good ones there, too.
  4. Very nice. About what I would expect. Can you direct me to the 35mm Summicron site please. THKS
  5. I suppose everybody's seen Ian's site,, which is based on the same idea (although Ian uses a CV nokton a lot of the time as his 50, for those who care...)
  6. "The 50 is the shooter's lens - no gimmicks - hard to master."

    It is hard to master, but I also think it's easy to use passably well. I think wider lenses in particular often produce shots that seem devoid of content and focus. I find it much harder to use a 28 than a 50, and I see far more interesting shots taken with 50's than 28's or 24's or certainly anything wider. At a certain point, those shots become about the perspective of the lens and not about the composition or content.
  7. Expecting 35mm site as well, cause I am learning how to shoot with it.
    Thanks a lot.
  8. Matt, I've been using both a 28(CV 1:3.5) and a 50(1980's "tabbed" Summicron) -- I love the combo & get both frames on my M4-P.
  9. ky2


    I never understood why people consider 50 hard to shoot with. 50 feels right at home for me.
  10. Thanks for the link, Jonathan.

    Adding my voice here, I also love the 50 and shoot only w/ a 50 'cron, so it's nice to see
    these sites. I've always liked Wade's work, as well as the fiftymillimeter site, which is
    always enjoyable.

    After a year of shooting only 50, I feel I'm finally starting to learn how to use the lens -
    though using a good M body w/ the latest 50 'cron since March 1 certainly helps!

    Though I restrict myself, I do enjoy pics w/ wider focal lengths, and somehow feel the 35
    is probably more lyrical. Once I get a scanner I'll consider posting something.

  11. Good link.

    I had been using Elmars exclusively. Recently, I added a CV 40/1.4 (I liked its handling better than that of the more robust 50/1.5) for the very infrequent times that I work low-light. I feel like such a cheater with the 40 (probably because I use the 35mm framelines to compose). An argument can be made that the 40 is really more "normal" than the 50. Still, I feel like a dirty little lens whore. Please help esuage my guilt!

    Michael J Hoffman
  12. I went from a 21, 35, 50, and 90mm set, sold all, and bought a 50 cron as my sole lens (with M3). 50mm gets my vote.

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