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  1. Got a couple of questions. I'm about to buy one of these but I wonder whether or not the successor is just around the corner. What makes me think it might possibly be is that Best Buy has dropped the price by $50, and I wonder if the arrival of the NEX-F3 is a harbinger of new releases to come. I'd love the NEX-5N to have a built-in flash like the NEX-F3 does, and I bet that it will. Part of me thinks that I should wait. I don't need another camera; between my 7D and S100, I can cover a lot of photographic ground, but I'd love to have 7D-quality photos from a small package like the 5N. On a lot of days the 7D rig is fairly heavy and tedious to lug around. At other times I want more from a small camera than what the S100 can give me (although it can give an awful lot!). How has using the NEX-5N impacted or changed your photographic experience? How do you compare its use and results to your dslr as well as your compact cameras? I'm very interested in your replies.
  2. ...and I wonder if the arrival of the NEX-F3 is a harbinger of new releases to come. I'd love the NEX-5N to have a built-in flash like the NEX-F3 does, and I bet that it will.​
    If you worry about forgetting the flash, just keep it on the camera. It's really neither big nor small enough to make much of a difference. The 5n already has a better sensor than your 7d but it lacks fast zooms. The new camera, if there is indeed one coming, will not be substantially better. If they do decide to add a better AF system, it will surely be more than a ~$700 camera. I don't see why you should wait. If you like the 5n (and can live without an OVF and lens shortcomings), it's a great deal at $650...
  3. I got my NEX-5N from Best Buy with $100 off about a week after it was released. Best Buy does things like that all the time, and they are not the only ones.
    I usually shoot a Nikon D700 with extra battery grip and such, but lately, the NEX-5N goes on the road and the D700 stays at home...
    The entire kit (18-55, 30 mm Macro, 50 mm 55-210 and Sigma 30, lots of accessories, from extra flash to extra view finder) fits into 1/4th of the bag the D700 goes into.
    The NEX-5N is a really good camera, I don't think a NEX-F5 would be that much superior to wait for it.
    Of course, there is always the next camera around the corner, but in the meantime, you might miss a lot of shots.
  4. In the new NEX-F3 there is a Superior Auto mode, since apparently the Intelligent Auto Mode was not that great.
    Also auto portrait framing, and the digital zoom that uses a database data instead of simple extrapolation, could actually work well.
    NEX flash technology is what really prevents the NEX cameras from building a professional use system around them.
  5. The usual I buy a good camera now or wait for the upgrade? The NEX-5N is a superb camera, I had one for a while but sold it simply because I have too many cameras (does anyone really NEED six cameras?). The IQ was pretty much a match for my D300/17-55 combo, and it sure was a lot easier to carry around. In fact, if they do put out a new model and heavily discount the 5N, I may just buy it again. I also agree with Leslie that a 5N upgrade is not going to be substantially better than what it already is; the flash that comes with it stayed on mine all the time and was essentially a built in one.
    My point is, if you like the camera, buy it now instead of waiting for an upgrade that may/may not happen.
  6. 2d


    Personally I would wait at this point. Not because I have any knowledge or read some internet rumor but my own humble opinions on the 5n. I have been using it since it came out last year. I love the size of the camera however it's ergonomics are at times very very frustrating. For me if the next version had an improved design that would be much more beneficial than any megapixel/flash upgrade. Adjusting button placements, menus, integrating with auxiliary accessories
    After a year of use if I could go back in time and make the purchase again I would opt for a small dslr just to have a usable tool. I do have a couple full size cameras but really wanted a small camera. To say the 5n sensor is better than any camera on the market is splitting hairs, the truth is there is a lot more to a camera than it's sensor and the 5n's design, ergonomics, is still in it's inefficiency not knowing who it needs to be designed for, the beginning shutterbug or the experienced hobbyist
    "NEX flash technology is what really prevents the NEX cameras from building a professional use system around them"
    maybe more true is that it doesn't integrate with professional flash systems that and the fact it's just not a tool for the variety of uses that experienced photographers are tasking their tools to do. It seems to me that Sony has condemned this camera in being only a point n shoot style camera than a tool to take on all the tasks I would like to use it for.
    Don't get me wrong I believe the mirror-less small camera yet large sensor camera is a great tool to have in the tool box however this model could use some serious improvements in it's design and inevitably any future model will improve the nex's ergonomics
  7. Thanks everyone for the responses; they are much appreciated. 2D--Thank you for your evaluation of the camera. I think I will wait and see what happens. I'm currently really enjoying my 7D and S100 and should learn to get the most out of them that I possibly can.

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