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  1. I've just had a chance to look at some of the latest Japanese photography magazines which feature the new offerings from Cosina/Voigtlander. There are four new items. Unfortunately, I don't have a flatbed scanner, so you'll just have to take my word for it. :) Also, understand that my Japanese isn't very good, so I apologize for any errors in advance.
    1) Bessa R3A
    - Auto exposure (aperture-priority)
    - 1.0x magnification
    - Includes a 40mm frameline
    - Available from October, 50,000 yen
    - Resembles the Epson RD-1
    2) Bessa R2A
    - Auto exposure (aperture-priority)
    - 0.7x magnification
    - Available from December, 50,000 yen
    - Resembles the Epson RD-1
    3) Voigtlander 40/1.4 in M-mount
    - As compact as the CV 35/2.5 Pancake II
    - Uses a new lens hood
    4) Voigtlander Light Meter II
    - Clip-on light meter, similar to previous model, but more compact and flatter
  2. This is a link to the Epson RD-1

    23.7 X 15.6 CCD, oh well.
  3. I've found a picture!

    <img src="">
  4. HaHa, I can finally get rid of the 40mm rokkor.
  5. mmm, maybe I can forget about buying a Hexar RF (want AE, but not
    necessarily a motor) and can keep my Summicron C!
  6. Then it would appear that the Zeiss is based on something else...
  7. Interesting that it looks nothing like the new Zeiss camera. The plot thickens...
  8. That looks like the same rangefinder base length as the R & R2.
  9. It make the Zeiss Ikon even more nicer.
  10. Tom is right, same baselength is bad.
  11. Looks like a Zorki.

    Thanks to Karan Nakamura on CVUG for pointing this out: "The MSRP price for both is Y75,000 (about US$700), not Y50,000 --this is the price of the new 40mm f/1.4."
  13. Agree with Stu, the top plate reminds me of the one on the Zorki 4/4K...
  14. It doesnt have the same effective baselength. As Alan as described it has a 1.0 finder so even if it has the same basic baselength as the R/R2 the EFB is greater.

    Also remember that the Rollei spin off, was the only way to get a R2 in chrome, so it could well be possible with this new Zeiss body too will be the R3a, but with different chrome metal finished panels rather than just a silver paint job. The fact that Zeiss already have a 40mm lens and Voigtlander have created another but one that doesnt conflict with the 2.8 Zeiss one, may mean that they are covering all speed bases in the 40mm focal length and allowing fans of the 40mm f2 Rokkor/Summicrons to have a place in there too. (The 40mm F2 being a favourite with Mr K of Cosina) CLE prices will now fall dramatically I think!

    I am very excited about the new 40mm f1.4, being a 40mm focal length fan (with CL/CLE's) I will be getting one for sure. It will be the fastest 40mm lens created by any manufacturer if im not very much mistaken.

    A new smaller meter will be great too and I bet they have address the exposure lock complaint alot of people have with the first version.

    I will have to start saving for one of each.
  15. Although my first guess is that the Zeiss camera is a digital rangefinder, there is another possibility: it could be a medium format camera having an aspect ratio of about 1.85:1 or something.
  16. That compact 40mm f1.4 is a very astute move. Breathes new life into the CL/CLE's (should still be just within their focussing ability) and is a perfect match for the M6 etc 35mm framelines. I bet these sell like hot cakes (if the price is right).
  17. According to another Japanese site, there are two versions of the new 40mm lens, the regular and a S.C. model, the latter of which is a limited edition of 500. The Japanese description translates to "monolayer coat", so I guess it's simply "Single Coated".
  18. It could be that Zeiss -- being more demanding -- is either providing or using a different rangefinder system that is more in line with the classic Contax user. Either way, things are definitely getting more interesting. The longer base certainly lends itself to a longer lens.
  19. Could someone 'splain the "rangefinder base length" thing to me? I understand finder
    magnification, but how can you tell what the base length is from the photo? How do the
    two photos above show similar base lengths?

    This is jazzy news, whatever the eventual products become. Just knowing there are still
    companies dedicated to developing film-based cameras/lenses. I'll be happy now, as long
    as Kodak can continue production of PlusX, TriX, Portra, and some E6....
  20. What filter size forthe 40mm do you reckon? Looks bigger than th usual 39mm, 43mm maybe?

    A monocoated version, hmmm interesting but odd.
  21. Wonder if the new camera(s) are any quieter...
  22. Oh, another thing, it appears the finger winder from previous models will work on the new
    Bessas -- at least that's what the pictures in the magazines show.
  23. Derek, each camera has 2 larger "windows" positioned above & to the right of the lens. There is a much, much smaller "window" to the left of these. On the Zeiss Ikon, it is much farther to the left. The distance between this small window & the farther right of the 2 larger windows is the baseline of the rangefinder. It is obviously much longer on the Zeiss Ikon than on the Bessa R3.
  24. "3) Voigtlander 40/1.4 in M-mount"<p>Sweet! Now I don't feel so bad for selling my 50/1.5.
  25. What I see coming out from Cosina-Voigtlander and Contax leaves the Minolta CLE and it's predecessor the Leica CL as the king of compact M-cameras. Joel: I believe prices of the CLE will actually increase. Remember, only about 20,000 were built. With the new 40mm lenses (Rollei Sonnar 40mm/2.8, the elusive Rollei 40mm/1.8 which is in the Rollei 35RF literature, and the new CV 40mm/1.4), there are even more choices for CLE fans. A great combination is also the superb CV 28mm/3.5 on the CLE. It is getting harder and harder to get CLE's. I also like the TTL flash capability which is probably going to stay a Leica exclusive for the time being. When was the last time you saw a decent Minolta CLE on eBay? A market niche waiting for an update, in my opinion.
  26. "Could someone 'splain the "rangefinder base length" thing to me? "<p>
    er, I'm not an expert, but focusing on rangefinder cameras relies on parallax
    error between the view from two 'windows' . Larger baselength gives more
    accurate focus. Old Zeiss COntax camera used a very wide baselength. You
    can also get more accurate focusing by increasing viewfinder magnification
    (as on the Bessa 3A), but this is at the expense of being able to see
    framelines for wider-angle lenses in the v/f.<p>
    If you look at the Zeiss icon, you'll see there's a bigger distance between the
    main finder window, and the second, smaller window, than on the Bessa 3A -
    hence a longer baselength. <p>This alone makes me wonder whether
    someone else IS producing the Zeiss, rather than the Cosina - can't see why
    they'd choose to retain a less accurate r/f system on their own cameras, than
    on one they'd built for a third party. <p>
  27. Ah, thanks, Bill and Paul.
    I was comparing the wrong two cameras. I misread an earlier post, and thought the
    comment that the baselines were similar was regarding the new Zeiss and the R3. I see
    now that the comparison was between R3 and R2.
  28. well, I misread too and didn't notice Bill had answered your question
    Look to me, from Mike Elek's scans of the Zeiss and Epson over on Classic
    Cameras, that the Zeiss will be a fair bit wider than the Bessa. Is the Bessa
    just a tiny bit smaller than an M6? So the Zeiss could be slightly bulkier.<p>
    I know, pointless speculation when we will geat real information soon. But I
    can't help myself. ..<p>
    Oh, and no accessory shoe on the Zeiss. Wonder what that signifies...
  29. Christopher, the 1.8 lens rumored from Rollei, was a 50 mm, no a 40. While the official line from Rollei is to look for an announcement at Photokina, don't expect anything. To nobody's surprise, the Rollei flirtation with the 35 mm RF market has been discontinued, so that 50/1.8 Planar will never be made.
  30. Paul, do you have the website address for Classic Cameras? Thanks.
  31. Paul, ignore my question; I figured it out. It's here!
  32. Paul, I too noticed that there looked like no hot shoe on the Zeiss and wondered about it. Then I looked at my Contax G2 and saw that if you look at it at the same angle as the new Zeiss picture, the hot shoe is invisible because it is sunk down and flush with the top plate. So, maybe there is one and we just can't see it. Or maybe not.
  33. RRP for the lens (either multi- or single-coated) is 50,000 yen. The single-coated version is not a "limited edition"; it's just a small edition, and Cosina say they may bring out more later if there's a demand for it. I find that a mildly encouraging sign: I'm not interested in either version of the lens myself (as explained below), but it's refreshing that Cosina seem more interested in satisfying users than in satisfying collector/fondlers. One reason why the lenses are fairly cheap whoops I mean "inexpensive" is that no element is aspherical. A major reason why I'm not interested in buying either is that I don't have a body on which to mount it. I wonder whether Cosina are bothering to feign any interest in screwmount lenses. Meanwhile, the new accessory meter seems a bit better designed than its predecessor, but (i) it still appears to have no shoe lock, and (ii) it costs half as much again as its predecessor -- so I'll give that a miss too.
  34. Does the new VC meter have an exposure lock? The lack of that feature on the original
    model drove me nuts and I sold it.

  35. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!! Hooorah!!!!!!!!!! Go Cosina!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Hooorahh!!!!!!
  36. I am so very happy with an affordable offering of an affordable 40'Lux from Cosina.
  37. Just looked at the write up on Cameraquest. The film winding corner now reminds me of screwmount Leicas, except nicer. Gestalt is very IIIG, don't you think? Anyhow, I really dig the design. Looks like something the production designers for a near-future-yet-retro sci-fi flick would come up with.
    Mr. Gandy's hoping that little lever is a diopter adjustment. I'm not sure what this means...I can take off my glasses to make use of the 'floating frame' effect, and I'll get a clear view from the right eye but blurred vision from the left?
  38. A diopter adjustment on an 1:1 finder would make sense. Even with my thin glasses I'm barely able to see the 35mm frames at my (1:1 viewfinder) Canon-P

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