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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rick waller, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Borrowed from a different photo enthusiast's site. Found it quite exciting!
  2. Nothing new in this post. Its just like all other Nikon insider threads we see every day on PN :)

    (running for cover^^)

    By the way - did I mention that I overheard a Nikon rep. mention the new D95 1/2 body to come soon?
  3. I have heard from a person who heard from a rep's friend that Nikon will sell its assets to Sony.
  4. Vivek do not spoil this thread. We don't want anything here that might actually be true :)
  5. Sorry! My apologies!

    Thanks, Walter!
  6. Well - if they sell to Sony, those who spend times in the wild will have a built in campfire starter built right into the battery of the D95.5!
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    Geez, I heard that the d95.5 had a steam powered VR system , with hydraulic focus assist, AND (!) a built in air compressor to blown the dust off the "selenium photo cell" based sensor.

    My inside source must be wrong.
  8. No, not me. I'm waiting for the D-2 million... It has a feature that automatically makes a wide
    lens even wider digitally and another real cool feature that actually takes the shot for you. So
    if you forget to press the shutter and say, clearly, into the built-in voice-recognition
    microphone (using technology stolen-I mean licensed-from Kurzweil) "Oh gosh, I wish I had
    pressed the shutter" the camera actually goes back in time and shoots the image for you!
    Bravo Nikon! (Although Canon claims they will be first to market with this feature...)

    Thanks for posting this. I loved it!
  9. ky2


    All I wanted was an Fm3d...
  10. If they sell to Sony/Konica/Minolta, maybe we can finally get a good copier (Nikon brand) that doesn't jam!
  11. Universal VR is nothing new. I already have that for my 4x5. Everthing else seems pretty accurate. I wonder what Canon will do to compete? Maybe they will introduce a better kit lens for their DSLR's. This one will be made by Holga and will have better image quality than their current 18-55 USM.
  12. Hi, Eric,

    Remember, we still have more than 8 months before the next April 1st:)

    Incidentally, I'd rather prefer UVIR to uVR. I already have uVR that can attach to any cameras and that requires no power. It has three telescopic pipes and a ballhead on top of them.

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