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  1. Always look on the light side of life..da dum...da da da da dadum! If ever in a quandry and don't know what to shoot think of dear old granny and grandads ugly boots make your lovely pictures no matter what you shoot and remember when the batteries flat..... \chorus
  2. Welcome to the forum,Brittany.

    I get my inspiration to shoot more when I'm not satisfied with my own final results. I mostly get my motivation at looking my own works that
    I have creatred in the past,however when I want to achieve a certain look. I examine works by famous photographers both past and present and try to emulate that particular style,with my own composition.

    My suggstion is keep on shooting and learn as you go along.
    Never be afraid to make a mistake,often times a mistake turns out to be quite artistic.
  3. hi everyone.
    i'm a newbie to this site. i just wanted to get some suggestions as to how some
    of you go about getting inspired to shoot more and what keeps you motivated
    when you are going through a photography slump.
    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Because I shoot a lot of studio still-life pictures, I can often revisit a theme or object to find new pictures. Or shooting the same old thing with a different lens or new lighting setup sometimes helps.

    Don't feel that every picture has to be unique. There is nothing wrong with revisiting the same subject matter.

  5. Hi Brittany.
    Doing some book-study in photography can help inspire you, as well
    as educate and inform. I'm currently profiting from Micheal Langford's books, "Starting Photography", and "Basic Photography".
    He also has one for Advanced Photography. Books like this bring
    together lots of different sources of information, and the material
    is arranged in a very practical framework that is very helpful. My
    own approach in studying these kinds of books is to learn, of course
    the technical and optical aspects, but also to get new ideas from
    the artistic and compositional aspects. Another idea, if you have
    the time and a good library near you, is to spend an afternoon or
    evening perusing back issues of magezines noted for their outstanding
    photographs. For example, National Geographic, or LIFE, or Sports
    Illustrated. Again, look at how other people are taking pictures,
    and be open-minded to their approach & techniques, not as an imitator,
    but as a student of the art. You can even take a notebook or laptop
    along to take notes from what you see, and from ideas that may come
    to you. (its so easy to forget these ideas, if you dont write them
    down). Another source of inspiration could be a visit to a local city
    muesem, to see the art, sculpture, and paintings that are there.
  6. thank you all the wonderful feedback.
    it's all very useful and i will take it into consideration.
    i feel much better about my pursuits of photography.
    thanks again!

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