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    You will get more and better responses if you break your new topics free from this initial one and position them by topic. What do you shoot with, casual conversation, flash trigger, lighting equipment. I shoot Nikon Film, Nikon FX and Ricoh GXR. Don't do wireless, but many others are knowledgeable. Happy Saturday!
  2. Hello + 20

  3. On the whole, we're a little like the original Ruben and the Jets:

    Welcome all!
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  4. Hello, New to this place and new to photography.
  5. Welcome, Max(?) - I hope you enjoy your new hobby, and we help you to explore it!
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  6. A little late, but welcome, John and Amy...
  7. You've probably bought by now, but YongNuo's RF-603 triggers have good build quality and performance for the price. Available in Canon or Nikon flavours only, but all the 'dedicated' pins do is activate the wake up from standby feature on the speedlight.
  8. Thanks I admire it.
  9. Nice to meet you JOHAN
  10. 91, member: 10829725"]Also want to say hello. I'm newbie[/QUOTE]

    Wellcome,& have a nice journey.
  11. Hello everyone! New newbie on board.
    Just wanted to say hi.

    Have a good week.
  12. Astonishing, the number of replies to Hello are more than the total critiques on photos on the sites for a whole day.
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  13. Welcome to all the new victims, uh, members. FYI, despite what you might read on Site Help, this site still has a variety of opportunities for a range of photographers' expertise.

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