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  1. I am thinking of buying a new lens to take pictures of my grandchildren who will be playing peewee football . I am looking at the Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 (new) , Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 HSMII (new) , or theNikon 80-200mm f2.8 D (used) . My budget tops out at $200.00 . I would like to hear opinions as to which would be the better lens . It would be used on a D200 .Thanks
  2. I only have experience with the third, but you won't find any of these for $200.00!
  3. My budget tops out at $200.00.​
    That's going to be a problem if you're trying to choose between those three lenses. At reputable dealers the Tamron runs around $650-700 , the Sigma $750-$800, Nikon Push Pull ($400+), Nikon Two Ring ($700+).

    An alternative that is within your price budget is the Nikon 70-300mm f/4-5.6D (the earlier version without VR). It'll give you great reach for shooting sports, especially with the crop factor of the D200. It's not going to be fast enough to perform well during night games, but would be perfect for a daytime game. See Andrew's post below for the 3rd party alternatives.
  4. The best you'll do for $200 would be a Sigma 70-300 APO motorized (not HSM but a non-silent motor), I think it's f/4-f/5.6, or an equivalent Tamron. There's an equivalent Nikon but it's not very good.
    Those f/2.8 lenses are all quite good and all way out of your budget, but for sports in daylight the consumer lenses are great.
  5. I am sorry . I meant to say my budget tops out at $900.00 .
  6. What camera are you using, Michael?
  7. If you will be working in daylight conditions, the Nikon AF-S 70-300 VR should provide pretty good coverage on a D200 cropped sensor. But it's f/5.6 on the long(er) end so for twilight or night games it will probably be too slow. I think the going price these days is within your budget at $550 or so. For outdoor field sports, you might want to consider something that covers the 200-300mm range, unless you see a lot of night games in your future and really need the f/2.8 aperture.
  8. Matt I will be using it on a D200 and a good portion of the games will be in the evening .
  9. You may want then to get a Sigma 18-200 for as little as $450. It has its share of pin-cushion effect, but otherwise it is a sharp lens.
  10. I would go for the Sigma. It has the fastest focus and image quality that is similar to the Nikon. The Tamron has a very slow focus so for sports I wouldn't even consider it.
  11. the sigma would be your best bet for capturing action. the other choices will be a lot slower to focus, which could be adverse for night games.
  12. Sorry, Michael - I don't know how missed the D200 reference in your original post.

    Out of curiosity, how close can you typically get while shooting at a peewee game? I presume it's a smaller field, and that the sidelines are available to you, at least partially?
  13. Matt , I can get right up on the sidelines unless there is an extra large crowd which I don't foresee happening to often .
  14. My vote would be for the Sigma. I have several of the Sigma EX lenses, and feel they are very good for the price. If you want a smaller alternative, you might look at the 50-150 from sigma, a very good performing lens, and smaller and lighter than the 70-200. I used the 50-150 for my daughter's U6 soccer games, and it was all the length I needed. However, if you want to plan for the future, you may want to end up with the 70-200 for high school games when you can't get quite as close. That will be here before you know it!
    In either case, I would go with the Sigma.
  15. I have the Sigma 50-150.... I like it but it currently only works on my D90 bodies, it back-focuses on both my D300 bodies. I also have the 80-200 (current version) and I love that lens. If I am outdoors, I vote for the 80-200. Indoors, I like the 50-150.
  16. May I suggest renting an 80-200 f2.8 or 70-200 f2.8 Nikon zoom at a local camera shop for $25-$50 and trying it out for a night game on your D200? I have a feeling you'll be very disappointed with the results you'll get in low light. I have a D80 which has a similar sensor and is decent at ISO 800, but needs Noise removal. The D200 is not much better and you'll have to jack up the ISO to 1600 or more to get a fast enough shutter speed to capture movement even with a 2.8 lens. At higher ISO's of 1600 and upward I don't think you'll be too happy with the noise, but you may not have a problem with it. You might have to convert to black and white or get Noise Ninja. I tried it with my D80 and the 80-200 2.8 and the weak link was the camera. Good luck
  17. I just wanted to add that if you were considering the fast 2.8 zoom in order to shoot in low light that you might have to think about upgrading bodies. I know that was not in your budget so I'm not suggesting it. A D300 at $1700 would give you better higher ISO shots as would a $1,000 D90. Unfortunately, either of those plus a 2.8 zoom of any brand would be way over budget. I personally lost my mind and bought a D700 so I could shoot sports in low light and in gyms. I have to say I've never been happier and when I scrape together some cash I'll pick up a Nikkor 80-200 f2.8 or a 70-200 f2.8--I've lost it!
  18. The Sigma will give you the reach you need while focusing quickly. One thing to remember is don't forget a big a** flash, if you are shooting under the lights at a public park you are going to need. it. I've used several Sigma EX HSM lenses and have been very happy with them.
  19. Michael,
    Look at the Nikkor 70-210mm f4.5-5.6. These are common on the used market, offer reasonable sharpness and is close to your budget of $200. KEH and other used market resellers have them, and it should work well on your D200.
  20. Michael...
    To correct my previous reply, I saw your correction on budget @ $900.
    Honestly, I would opt for a used Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 AF-D, by far a very sharp and fast performer & one of my all time favorites...check auction or reseller sites for these.
    Happy shooting if you get your hands on one!
  21. I have an early version of AF 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 zoom lens, like new, with tripod collar, using it on the D300 (DX)(good high ISO capability) and a deep hood to get a good shade on the front element, a Nikon Micro-Nikkor AF 200mm f/4 ED Hood. The deep hood is o.k. only for DX format! The lens is very sharp even full open at 300mm (DX=450mm) And I paid C$170.00 for it. It is so good, I don't using my AF-S 80-200/2.8 anymore. Actually, I sold it all ready. My photographer buddy liked so mach, she bought one for herself too. It is a solid metal build lens and a comfortable size. I have several image in my portfolio, shoot with this lens. Highly recommended, and will fit in you 200 dollar budget.
  22. I asked about proximity to the players because ... you might be amazed at what you can do with a 50/1.8 or an 85/1.8 and some cropping. It all depends on how big those prints have to get.

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