New Zealand North Island Photo op

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  1. Appreciate sugggestions on NZ north island photo op,sights etc.
    between Wellington and Auckland.
    Combining business & leisure trip I plan to spend one week on motor
    trip there. Taking 2 M bodies and 21/35/75 lens outfit.
    Any advice from our Kiwi friends on the forum??


    Tim Tan
  2. Tim - You may get disagreement from those who live there, but, IMHO, the best photographic sites on the North Island are in the Bay of Islands area.
  3. Both Bay of Islands and Opononi are north of Auckland; and not between Wellington and Auckland where you any planning to go. The big travel time to NZ is late DEC/early JAN; and flights cost more; and sometimes lodging fees. Rates radically vary due to the locals on Holiday; and the mad dash to the Coromandel. Here is a map There is alot of fine areas to photograph in NZ. Take alot of film;
  4. Hi Tim

    To some extent it depends on what sort of things you like to photograph.

    Starting in Wellington, where I live, you have essentially a choice of travelling north on state highway 1 - up the centre of the island, or SH2, which is more on the east coast, or SH3 which is more to the west coast. Deviate to Rotorua via SH5. There are also many linking roads. Note that most roads are two lane (one each way, with no dividing barrier). It is very important to remember which side of the road you should be driving on.

    Things that NZ has that often appeal include:

    * the volcanoes in the centre of the island (not much snow in summer, although there will be one skifield open on Xmas day),

    * the thermal areas (boiling mud pools, geysers) in Rotorua,

    * you may like to visit places where Lord of the Rings was filmed,

    * the America's Cup is being sailed in Auckland, where the Swiss entry Alinghi, skippered by a NZer, and the US entry Oracle, skippered by a NZer, appear most likely to be the last two boats that sail off to challenge the America's cup holder, the NZ boat, skippered by yet another NZer. Here is a link to the Louis Vuitton cup (to decide who challenges, so you can see how the dates stack up:

    Here is a link to the offical NZ govt tourism site:

    It is really up to you to decide what sort of things interest you - outdoors, landscapes, wildlife (very few mammals but lots of birds), people, different cultures etc. Narrow it down from there. The quickest route from Auckland to Wellington is SH1, about 400 miles, allow say 9 hours driving including rest stops as a practical minimum. So you have plenty of time for stops and detours.

    Good luck, Ross
  5. Tim,

    IF at all possible, the South Island has the best scenic photographic opportunities anywhere in the world. Milford Sound, Glaciers, Fiords -- the places where the Lord of the Rings trilogy were shot! -- In the North Island however are places like Rotorua [mud pools and geysers, rock caves with stunning staligmites/tites, glow worms!], ninety-mile beach where the film 'the Piano' was shot..., Mount Tongariro, but these are further up the north island away from auckland, whereas auckland towards wellington is southwards. Enjoy your trip; best,
  6. Tim, you are welcome to stay at my place for the night if you are passing through my way. I live in a small town called Tokoroa which is on the main highway south from Auckland to Wellington. There are some nice lakes and farmland around where I live although the area is not famed for it's beauty.

  7. When in New Zealand; it is easy to spot Americans because they talk so loud when in public places. My Kiwi friend pointed this out to me when visting there; and I learned to not talk loud and give myself away as being an American. <BR><BR>Driving is easy when away from the big cities. Watch out for circle/round abouts traffic circles. The only place I have driven in the USA that had them was in New Jersey.<BR><BR>Bring a small tripod along; and plenty of film. I was able to get oddball films in Wellington and Auckland only. A store in Gisborn had 120 roll film too. <BR><BR>Many rural places in NZ have very dark skys; and great for getting a shot of the southern cross and stars. When at motel in the city of Thames; I used a "C-clamp to tripod adapter" and took several star shots with a 35mm F2; with the camera clamped to a swing set..Try a 30sec to 2 minute exposure wide open with fast film. One extremely lucky shot caught a meteor. This was a complete fluke; I have shot hundreds of rolls of film during meteor showers; and only caught a few meteors. <BR><BR>It is wise to get a roll developed in NZ if you are also using a P&S camera. These many times get a light leak thru the "film cassette window" ; due to foam breakdown.

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