New York Streeters

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  1. Two from Central Park ...


  2. Phwooooar, they are crackers.

  3. [​IMG]
    NYC • ©Brad Evans 2021

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  4. LOL, it's been a long time since I've heard (or said) 'Phwooooar'! and it was good to hear it again and remember what it meant (at least to me)! I agree that they are both 'crackers' in the sense of both being pretty and attractive. I assume that @royall_berndt is just documenting current fashion trends for posterity. I'm also pleased to see that his street photos don't all include young women.


  5. Ahh, to be such a sophisticate in Internet memery! :) Me, I had to look it up.

    But I will now be able to impress my Junior-High-School-age nieces and nephews, even though they already think I'm quite groovy! :cool:

    Anyway, has some child somewhere yet created the expression, "Phwoooar is in the eye of the beholder"? Because it often is, even though it may be tempting to project onto the photographer what the viewer may be responsible for. And therein lies the rub (no pun intended?) of photography and art.
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  6. PN is so amusing sometimes!

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  7. Too long since I've been to NYC.





  8. [​IMG]
    NYC • ©Brad Evans 2021
  9. Too long since I've been to NY. Spent three days in the city and 4 more days upstate in the Catskills/Hudson River Valley visiting my wife's cousins last time. Next visit I will go among other places to Jackson Heights / Queens where I spent some of my formative years.


  10. New York just keeps making attractions. Now it's the train hall at Penn Station.
  11. NYC "street" photos from over the years




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