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  1. <a href=""> I've been
    to New York. <a>
  2. Where's the grain on that recording film? The last shot is backwards, the exposure number reads wrong, and the knobs were "always" on the right on a TV, and the tuning knob is "always" on the right on a stereo receiver (casseiver in this case). That cassette-receiver dates it it squarely in the 1970's.
  3. Well John, thanks so much for pointing out my "mistakes." Other than that, how'd you like it ?
  4. It's just possible that it wasn't recording film as I pointed out (Kodak Safety Film.) Another possibility is that processing it in HC110(H) for 9 and a half minutes may have produced less grain. Perhaps since the film is of unknown age its characteristics may have changed.
    I hope I've provided at least one plausible explanation for the missing grain you demanded to know about.
  5. The only thing missing from the "Welcome to ... sign" photos is a picture of the car they were driving parked in front of the sign.

    My Dad had a thing about making us stand in front of the car, parked in front of the sign. I guess that way people would know we didn't have to walk there.

    Cool as always.
  6. The car helped nail down the occasion and provided something else to be nostalgic about later.
  7. Gene,

    This one has to be the best commentary you've done so far. The BHFC monologue is awesome.

    The second series:

    Is that Ronald Reagan in the '76 campaign when he lost to Gerald Ford? Looks to be too young for Reagan '80 or '84. Maybe an electronics geek among us can date the tape deck on top of the guy's TV set. The TV looks very '70s back when TVs were a piece of furniture made too look like the center piece of the living room. Of course the wood box had to match the English clock that sat on top before that space was claimed by the VCR.
  8. Thanks Gene, for making me laugh out loud at 9am on Sat morning. On weekends I laugh out loud, on week days I LOL.
  9. Ronald Reagan? So it wasn't my imagination. Damn you're good.
  10. I seem to recall my Brownie taking shots similar to the one of the man next to the canon, all blurry.

    I grew up in the burbs and we didn't have organized boxing, but I did get a punching bag and gloves one year for xmas. The bag was on the end of a metal rod that was attached to a metal base plate you stood on to hold it on place. Dumb thing was awkward as hell.

    Excellent job as always Gene. When you do get around to doing the book, I would like an autographed copy.
  11. A Trip to West Point . . .
  12. Ah ! You're right !!!
  13. Gene, you coulda been a contenda!
  14. If the person using the camera is anything like me back in the 70's I bet he was bulk loading tri-x or something into salvaged canisters. If you went to a processor you could get them by the bucket load, and then carefully mix and match end caps to replace the ones they'd bent. Once you've found nice ones, you open them by banging them on the table, and they last for years.
  15. Gene

    Please email me a JPEG, or postcard, of the last image with RR, the Betamax and intercom.

    There's something oddly familiar about the image.


  16. Fransisco <p>

    Simply save the one on the site.
  17. Regarding the paper bag (or rock; I prefer paper bag because that designation contributes to the discussion I will now commence):

    Perhaps it blew in from New York.

    And in the next shot, where it has disappeared, perhaps it blew back to New York.

    Or, perhaps our fine picture-snapping citizens decided to pick it up, put it in their car, and transport it to New York. Across state lines, I might add.

    There. I said it.

    Oh, and great work.
  18. Excellent!
  19. Michael<p>

    You've simply added further confusion.
  20. I found the picture of the woman stroking her artillery strangely arousing.
  21. Interstate trafficking in stolen rocks..Call the FBI..No, call the EPA..NO, call the Agriculture Department..Who do you call??..What's the penalty??..

    Great shots..Love your commentary..Made me laugh like an idiot!!That kid in the pants was REALLY going to nail the kid with his hands down..He was having a GREAT time..

    Thanks for the photos..

  22. Kevin<p>

    Me too.
  23. Gene,

    There's something profoundly sad about two children that young pummeling each other in a boxing ring. I'm sorry you don't see it.

    You've been injecting more politics lately on your found film pages, and I think it's unfortunate.
  24. Todd,

    Keep it coming.
  25. I'm with Frank on this one. Gene's thread, Gene's humor. Let's not be intolerant of others' views, Todd. All in good fun.
  26. Intolerant?

    Sorry I dared to questioned the mighty Gene M. I'm sure I'll be on the receiving end of one of his increasingly belligerent replies before too long.

    If Gene is going to post links to web pages then we should all expect that those web pages are going to be commented on. The web site page referenced in Gene's previous post mentioned the "whine-bag, liberal, pinko readers" of the Boston Globe. While I'm not a Boston Globe reader, I think if Gene ever really got to know me he'd find me to be a "whine-bag, liberal, pinko" myself. I'll try not to take it personal.

    So far the response to my rather mild post has turned out to be the smackdown that I predicted that it would be.

    All I'm saying is that I would like to be able to enjoy Gene's work without having to read any divisive comments. He's obviously free to make them, I'd just rather he didn't.
  27. Gene M.:

    I've never commented on your 'found film' threads but I look forward to them and get your humor. I keep looking for found film just in case.

    Actually, I really like you guys in this forum and read it completely every day.

    Fine work on several fronts.

  28. Really Todd; Gene is that special. This forum without him'd be like Jersey without Frank Sinatra. I'm as pinko lefto whine-o as you can get by the way.

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