New York City Skyline and Cruise Ship

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by Jeffrey L.T. von Glück, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Taken on the now-discontinued Agfa Ultra 100, from Hamilton Park on Boulevard East in Weehawken, New Jersey.
  2. Carnival Glory departing the NY Passenger Ship Terminal, Manhattan.
  3. On my monitor, both shots appear "out of focus".
  4. They just appear to be at very low resolution (especially, see pixelation of the ship's windows in the second example). Jeffrey, can you upload a higher resolution file with less compression?
  5. Both shots were taken at infinity and are tack sharp in the 4x6 prints. I resized both jpegs to 500 pixels on the wide side. The jpegs were scanned to the CD from the negatives on a Noritsu S2 and are 1500 x 1000 pixels, not as large as I would like. There was no manipulation in Photoshop other than to invert the images which were scanned upside down to the CD. I'll upload the full size ones, which I think will show up as a link in the thread.
  6. Here's the next shot of the cruise ship.
    When I send chromes in to Dwayne's, I get back scans at 1908 x 1228 pixels. The best negative scans I get locally are at Costco, they come in at 3087 x 2048 pixels. The local Targets all use Noritsu minilabs and the best you can hope for is 1500 x 1000 pixels, what I got here.
  7. Jeffrey, great to see people posting photographs here. I like the well-defined effect of using the polariser, I guess. I don't use filters other than UV, but that's because of my own ignorance on the subject.
  8. Hope I will be seeing that skyline soon. Here's one from Chicago, taken from inside - window reflection - not ideal but better than no pic at all...
  9. Phylo,
    What camera did you use? It is obviously a panoramic aspect ratio.
  10. I'm posting this to test the sharpness of uploads.
  11. Jeffrey, your full size uploads are definitely sharper than the first two pics.
  12. Ah, shot at water level from Weehawken, just north of the Lincoln Harbor Marina, no?
    I ate at the Houlihan's down there this evening.
  13. Yes, it's from there! Just north of the Chart House restaurant (used to be Shanghai Red's when I last went there). You can get a straight shot across 33rd and 34th street in Manhattan from there (the stranger is leaning towards 34th St).

  14. Shanghai Reds? That was æons ago!
    I took wonderful pictures of the Queen Mary 2 on her maiden voyage from the end of the Chart House pier, with fire boats spraying water salutes. Unfortunately, none of the negatives have been scanned, so there is no way to post them here.

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