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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by michaelwildi, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Hi Friends Let me present three pictures of my new work "Cars and Girls". Please feel free to comment. If you like the photos and if you want to see more of it, I'll probably add the whole series to my website ( with the next update. Best Michael
  2. Second one
  3. Third and last one
  4. In number two she's scratching the paint with her her ... brass rivets.

  5. Nice car! :-]>
  6. i like the first the most.
  7. that suit case ain't fittin' in that truck
  8. I'm a little confused as to what is the main subject, the car or the girl?

    Pic#1 with the guy staring at the car makes you think the car is the star of the shot.

    #2 has such nice lighting on the girl, I'd think she is the focal point of the theme, as the car is too dark...

    #3 with the concierge bringing her the suitcase, it seems she is again the focal point, but for all the attention she's getting, and the surroundings, she should be better dressed.
  9. Since when is a Z car a truck?
  11. Presumably Adrian means that the pictures are boring. I would have to agree that they are
    not interesting in compostion, background, framing and color. Some of the pcitures in your
    portfolio are a lot better.


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