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  1. Hello all! Not sure if this is the correct place to post this (there should be a website critique forum or something). Anyways, I created a
    website, and wanted to get feedback on it. Let me start by saying this is not really for professional use, it was more of a self created
    gallery since sites like Flikr and Photobucket didn't let me have my own personalized "pretty" site. So, with that in mind, let me know what
    you think!

    All comments are appreciated! :)
  2. It's very "pretty." I found it easy to navigate and view the pictures. The only disconcerting thing was the way every photo seems to have a reflection of itself in the slideshow view. That was distracting. Otherwise, good job.
  3. I didn't even try the slideshows! Thanks for catching it, I'll try to work on a fix :)
  4. In the 'about' section you have the
    albums, latest photos and favorite websites listed. They should be links to the album, pics or website.

    Thanks for keeping it simple. I think too many photographers want the fancy looking sites and then they are
    sooooo sloooow to load. :)
  5. I noticed about the links in the about me. They are SUPPOSED to be links, but for some reason they aren't working. I'm
    going to try to get my husband to help me fix the kinks you mentioned. That was the reason I wanted to post it, fresh eyes
    always catch things you can't see.

    Thanks for your comment Linnea, I wanted it simple and pretty, I hate when sites are super slow too!
  6. Hi Ashley,

    Maybe I'm doing somethng wrong, but I couldn't view any of your pictures. In the contact page you might try setting it up so
    that all you have to do is write a comment and hit "send". I do like the colors you have picked -- very feminine. Let us know
    when everything works. I want to try again.

  7. Hmm... Mark, maybe you viewed my page as I updated it earlier. I just tried the site on two comps and I can see all of the
    photos and albums. For the comment page, do you mean just have a message box instead of having to fill out name and
    email? If that's what you meant, I just tested it, you can send the message without other information and I still receive it.
    If that wasn't what you meant, please elaborate, I'm trying to make it the best I can and all the comments help! :)
  8. I think it's great! Also, PN has a beta version of a website available to subscribers.

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