New? Vivitar 35mm Point and Shoot

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    If anyone asks me, "What camera should I get?" again, I will tell them, this one.
    Printing is so hard. Especially when all you have is yellow or purple ink. Its so inconvenient to take the card out and go to a grocery store and get prints done instantly too. I much prefer winding film and taking the roll to a store I can't find find because I'm to stubborn to learn how to use that GPS I got. Then, when I magically get to that store, I love having to wait for it to get developed.
    Thanks a lot Vivitar, gosh darn it!
  2. Even if they sell for 10c, I'm not really sure if there is a market for them?
  3. let me clarify just in case, that anything after the posted link was pure sarcasm.
  4. It's being marketed to those who are no longer young, and sympathize with the guy who finds all the wires confusing. It's not for the crowd but it might have a market.
  5. "High end DSLR functionality"? Give me a break...
  6. For people who bought the Clapper?
  7. I just looked down at my exposed belly and realised that my belly button isn't hairy at all. I would like to film it using your Vivitar.
  8. Awesome! I want one. Vivitar managed to change paradigms with their Ultra Wide & Slim: "It's not a cheap toy! It's artsy and ironic!".
    I think they are marketing it to old people who got into photography in the late stages of their life, and had never seen a camera until digital ones came out. Or had some kind of trauma that caused them to forget everything camera related before the 2002ish.
  9. These guys know their market,you may laugh but I bet they will sell a boat load.Two cameras and two rolls of film for $10!.That should last their target audiance for two years.You know the old saying that the average film consumer shoots one roll per year,each end bracketed by an Xmas tree.{;~)
  10. All right folks. Leaving out the fact that you can take your SD card to BigBox® and get prints made...
    Digital cameras are in fact confusing. Just look at all the threads, here and elsewhere, about resizing, PPI, and other fairly simple issues. There are a lot of wires and cables. The fact that you don't need any of them except the battery charger does not change the fact that many people, some of them under-thirty, get overwhelmed when they see all the stuff that comes in the package. Combine this with the death of the small camera store, and the incredible ignorance of (some) salespeople at BigBox®, and you get a real mess.
    I am (shudder) fifty-nine years old. I can build a computer from scratch--and have it work! I can make computers do things the manufacturers claim they cannot do. I can explain why NOT to use f-disk to the guy from Bombay. I cannot explain why manufacturers load up digicams with dozens of 'scene modes'. My wife is a well-paid professional who routinely uses five languages in her job. Her Yashica 110 camera broke beyond my ability to fix it. I took her to a swap meet and she got--the exact same model. I would never try to explain 'scene modes' to her.
    I have no intention of getting into film vs. digital, but it is a measurable fact that color negative film has a very wide latitude. This means that grandma will get more usable images from a simple film camera than from a digital P&S--especially if she accidentally pushes the wrong button on the latter, and hasn't a clue how to undo what she has done. Don't say RTFM. She probably tried to read it. The one for my Kodak EasyShare V550 is 66 pages long, and is written by a native speaker of English. It is still difficult to find out how to do something as simple as a two-button reset (because it doesn't have one). So I find the index, and look up 'Reset to Default'. By God, it's actually there! It has a funny-looking curved arrow, and says, "All picture-taking settings return to their default. Available only in Scene Custom mode." How helpful is THAT? Not much, if you have no idea where to find the damn icon. Or 'Scene Custom Mode'. Or...
    And don't get me started on printing.
  11. Dis' does once again raise the question of a need for an emoticon for sarcasm and irony. Several proprietary solutions (e.g., link, but for $2 they can have it) have been offered, but we really need something anybody can use from their keyboard like a winky smiley face ;)
    Nothing in any of the lists I have found do much although %-} has been suggested for "silly sarcasm" (e.g., link), but some sarcasm is more serious after all.
    Could :{ (smirky face?) do it?
  12. Billy Mays would have done a much better job with that ad...
  13. I think I'll get several and send them to my grandchildren. Two years ago I got them Kodak one-time-use film cameras -- they loved them.

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