New upcoming model, the Blackmagic mini. Anyone know what Super 16 size means?

Discussion in 'Video' started by gerrysiegel, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. I understand, I think, the reason a mfr migh pick a micro four thirds mount for a small form, but I never heard of super 16 in the digital world before. Is it out there somewhere or new? They have lost me so I ask here. Anyone know what this is and is it another brand new standard? Also does it do the AVCHD compression or is it more highfalutin?
  2. So I see, what a laundry list, but still why would they, Blackmagic, choose to not stick with the 4/3 standard sensor size. And confuse the DOF issues even further. Oh people have their own ideom I guess, always have.
  3. I presume that the sensor is designed for a wider screen format than the typical micro 4/3 camera, with the exception that is of the GH 2 which apparently is pixel perfect in any ratio or format. Seems like this good looking video only machine is a ways down the pike, delivery wise. Just curious, as I am still experimenting, and having fun aplenty with the now techno aging Lumix GH2 in AVCHD mode. Crop factor is going to make some users yelp I suspect. Beyond 2X.

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