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  1. Hello,
    I've never designed a wedding album before. I've been reading previous posts on this topic. I need to learn from scratch. I'm starting a business with my partner, and we want to offer albums, once we can learn how to produce them. I really want to design my own albums, once I have the knowledge. Thanks to this forum, we have learned all about the companies that can bind and print albums, but I need tutorials on how to design them myself, because right now I'm a bit clueless.
    From past posts, I gather that I can learn about this process from and AVHOW is about half the price of LUMAPIX, but lumapix has it's own software, and avhow teaches you how to create albums with PS.
    Any advice as to which I should go with? Which is more helpful and easier to work with if you are a beginner? Many of you have been designing albums for years, how did you start when you had no clue what you were doing?
  2. I'm no expert, but someone that was and expert suggested to me so I went there. They teach you how to design books using Adobe InDesign. They have a very nice tutorial for InDesign CS2 and CS4 you can watch from there site for free. Just click on Questions on the home page and you will see the free video tutorials to right of the page.
    When we are ready to start making our own albums, this is the application and company I will be using. For now they just get TIFF files and they can make their own. Good luck!
  3. I have been using fotofusion (lumapix). It works very well. Go for the most expansive (not a typo) version. This allows you to create projects.
    The thing I like the most about using dedicated software is that whatever changes printcompanies make to their software I steer clear of a learning curve. Just use lumapix. They change and update their software too, but
    1 I am not forces to update
    2 It is just 1 program to update, I have several albumcompanies, but need to keep on top of just 1 designsoftwaresuite.
    Another big plus is that I have created my own templates. Halving my time to create an album. So I say: go for Lumapix
  4. We bought Lumapix last year and LOVE it. I can design an album in a little under an hour. Being able to save my projects into a template for later use is a priceless feature. It was completely worth the money!
  5. I use Lumapix and really like it - lots and lots of options - you have to get the pro extreme version to get the real benifits I think... one cool thing about it... you see something in the photo that needs PS - you open that photo in PS - do you work... and it appears in Lumapix... great program ...
  6. ...Another vote for LumaPix FotoFusion. Very rich in function and very stable.
    Well supported when and if you do have a problem.
  7. Hi Brooke, you may want to check out if you haven't already. From what I understand they used to charge for their album design software but now it's free. I just started using them to design my first album but it's too early for me to recommend them or not. They are associated with Queensberry wedding albums but it's set up so that you can use it with other album companies (Kiss, Asuka, many others). For the other album companies they support they already have guidelines and templates ready to go. And for the others they don't have a partnership with you can just input your own specs to work off of. The "free" part of it is a huge draw for me but if it does not work well I will check out Lumapix since it appears to be highly rated here on

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