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  1. Started small with some shots of the most beautiful guitars ever, the Gibson Les Paul. Is there anything I should be doing different? It was hard to get the background to lay flat, but I sprayed it with warm water and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks in advance, hopeyou enjoy the photos Melindahretouch-1.jpg Melindahretouch-2.jpg Melindahretouch-3.jpg Melindahretouch-4.jpg
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  2. I'm not a fan of your cropping. I want to see either more of the guitar, or more of the detail. I'm also unsure of why the body color changes so much between shots, is this two different guitars? I shot guitars for luthiers and collectors for about 8 years. Check out my guitar pictures by going to my profile page and following the link there.

    Flat lighting like this does not show the textures of the materials the guitar is made of. Just as in auto photography, specular highlights are necessary to show shape and surface.
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  3. 1st row, 2nd image IMHO bad, due to two mainlights' reflections.
    I am also no fan of the bright white backdrop's reflections in the bottom parts of the chrome covers of the fixed string attachments. Placing a black T-Shirt on your backdrop outside your frame might fix those.
  4. There are lots of tips and tricks for successfully shooting shiny objects in the rather dated book "Light -- Science & Magic"
  5. Yes, they are 3 different guitars, hence the changes.

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