New to renting lenses, how and where in Dallas, TX...

Discussion in 'Travel' started by j._d._mcgee, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. I have a Canon EOS 3 and Elan 7 and I am soon going to Dallas to see
    a couple of MLB baseball games, A's at Rangers. I was wondering how
    you go about renting big white lenses and monopods for Canon cameras
    in such a place as Dallas. Also, would taking such a lens inside a
    ballpark be acceptable if I am not press?

    I was thinking a Canon 400mm f/4 and Kodak 800 film would be
    sufficient. Any civilian ever rented lenses and brought them into a
    sporting event in a stadium?

    Thanks, J.D.
  2. Recomend Light Tec for equipment rentals in Dallas.

    I don't think you would have a difficult time getting the
    camera/lens in, but the monopod might be another matter.
    Generally, it takes a press pass with all that gear.

    Good luck. Go Rangers!
  3. If you're not press you have almost ZERO chance of getting big lenses into the game. Most parks won't even allow SLRs with anything that looks like it's more than 100mm. Call the park and ask if you can get special permission, but it's highly unlikely from the stands.
  4. Great, BW, thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for. Looks like they rent other lenses too like a 14 f/2.8, might try one of those if I decide not to try the big zoom. I only have 4 different Canon lenses, though that is usually enough, except when I want to be extreme.

    I see people in games all the time with SLRs but with fairly short consumer zooms on there, guess I may end up in that pack. I will give them a call and see what their policy is. One night I will definately take my wide angle lens (capture the whole atmosphere) and the next probably my 100-300.

    BTW, anyone have reccomendations on stadium lighting as far as filters or film is concerned. I have used Kodak 800 in stadiums before and that works fine, some stadium lights seem more daylight balanced than others. In Memphis, for example, at a AAA baseball game most of the shots had a bit of a yellow cast on them once the sky was completely dark. However, some football game shots elsewhere have had little or no cast. Any help?

    Regards, J.D.
  5. awahlster

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    One option I have used with my Canon FD system when the event wouldn't allow a large lens (like my sons Navy Graduation) I used my 200mm f2.8 IF nFD it is quite compact and when a 2X-B is added I have a small easy to hold 400mm f5.6 with a monopod the lenght of a cane (hint hint) I was able with 800ASA superia to get some great shots in the graduation hall at Great Lakes. The other option for me was my Tokina 80-200mm f2.8 it is slightly larger but the zoom can be an advantage. The 2X-B just rode in my jaket pocket. They will not allow any type of large purse or camera bag in the hall for various reasons.

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