New (to me) Bug

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by Hector Javkin, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Please see image. I am using Firefox Quantum 57.02 on Windows 7.
    PN Bug report 21-December-2017.jpg
  2. That’s how PN has looked on my iPad for months. Glenn’s been told. I just consider it the new normal.
  3. Running the exact same browser on the same OS, I see the upload button get misplaced/misaligned as in your screenshot when I make my Window smaller (my screen is 1920*1080, I estimate it shows like this at around 1300-1500px wide), if I make it smaller again, it 'jumps' to correct alignment optimised for smaller screens. The "Forums"-button works correctly though, for me, at any resolution.

    So, it seems there is some sort of "intermediate" state between the full desktop experience for large screens, and the mobile version for smaller screens, that isn't working.

    (I have to admit, getting web designs to work across browsers, platforms and different resolutions/screen sizes is a pain in the rear..... nonetheless these things ought to come out in internal testing!)
  4. Appears to be fixed. Thank you!
  5. That’s great Hector. Sounds like it was an anomaly on your browser, though it’s become a standard feature on mobile devices. :(

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