New Super Teles

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by dmanthree, Feb 24, 2022.

  1. Just wondering who is preordering those two new super RF teles?

    Yeah, right...

  2. They have a very nice 100-400 EOSR F5.6-8.0 lens for $649 that I'm interested in. With the high ISO capabilities that the R cameras have this should be a very functional Tele-zoom.
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  3. It is a nice lens. And for the price of that 1200mm lens you can buy 30 of them.

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  4. Although it is not so much germane to this particular situation, I generally (unless GAS had intervened) wait until the new version of an expensive lens is actually released and then buy its predecessor.

    Sometimes this doesn't work as when the older one is a much fan-dored "classic" and actually goes up in price
  5. I also have $100 Samyang 500mm f/8 preset that is made “functional” with high ISO. ;)

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  6. I’ve just read the article in Canon News about these two new, incredibly expensive super teles. Apparently they’re pretty much EF lenses with inbuilt 2X converters, and the reported image quality is almost identical to what you’d get with the far cheaper EF lens plus EF 2X converter.

    Glad I’m not in the market for anything like these!
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  7. Odd, I thought I read that the optics were pretty new designs. Go figure. But they do look like the EF versions with an adapter added.

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