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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by color, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. There have been many times when something in how the site works was changed, like today for instance: the cumulative ratings info for individual photogs was changed from part of their page to something accessed by a link on that page. It's OK that the change was made, but it took me some effort to find out what had been changed and how the new setup works. No doubt lots of other members are in the same position.
    I would like to see you guys incorporate some means for us ordinary mortals to find out what the heck's up when you decide to change things about how the site works. An ongoing "what's new in" blog would be a good way to do it. In the long run it would probably save you work and make the rest of us generally happier too. You could also include that info in the newsletter. I would like to see you do both. Pretty please?
  2. I virtually always announce anything new with in this forum (and frequently in Casual Photo Conv as well) and in the newsletter. We have a blog and I should post more to that, but there are only so many hours in the day.
    The particular issue you are commenting on has not been announced because we aren't done with the changes. It takes a lot of work to make major changes on a site like this one and sometimes people just have to bear with us. This is one of those times.
  3. I took a look at the "Annoucements" forum. That seems to be the kind of thing I was suggesting. I have added the link to my browser's "Favorites". Thanks for the feedback.

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