New Sigma Global Vision Lens Mount Converter Expands High-Performance Lens Options for Sony Cameras

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  1. Sigma has announced the release of its new Sigma Global Vision lens converter, the Mount Converter MC 11, for Sony E-mount, full frame and APS-C sensor cameras. The new MC-11, will allow Sony camera operators to utilize 19 Global Vision lenses in Sigma Canon Mount (EOS) and Sigma Mount (SA).
    The MC-11’s LED display tells Sony users if the attached Sigma lens is compatible and if the MC-11 needs to be updated for that lens. Its internal control data system stores information on each compatible Sigma lens, and automatically optimizes performance of AF drive, aperture control and other critical lens functions. The Sigma MC-11 converter can be updated with the latest compatible lens information using the Sigma Optimization Pro software and Sigma USB Dock (sold separately). The internal control data system on the MC 11 also maintains continuity with camera functions that regulate brightness and correct transverse chromatic aberration, distortion, and more. Compatibility with both Sigma lens OS and Sony in-camera OS, provides correction of camera shake and other stability issues. When used with in-camera stabilization, MC-11 enables angle shake correction in the lens. The integrated flocking helps prevent internal reflections and reduction in lens performance. The MC-11 also retains relevant EXIF data so that users can analyze every detail of their lens setting.
    The Mount Converter MC 11 retails from Sigma at $249.00. To read more from Sigma about the MC 11, and to see Sigma's Global Vision Lens Compatibility Chart, click here!
  2. Good for Sony I hope they can do the same for Fuji as I have a lot of Canon mount Sigmas esp the 18-35 F1.8 which I'd live to use with my Fuji XT10

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