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  1. So a while back I bought the Nikon 35MM 1.4 AFS and the 85MM AFS. After some testing, I returned both lenses. I was not all that thrilled with the build quality and the 35 was not as sharp (in the center) as my 35MM AIS 1.4. For that matter, the 85MM AFS was no better than my AFD. So, back they went.
    When I saw reviews on the new Sigma, I was skeptical. But, at that price I decided to give it a try. Well it finally came today. This is one of the sharpest lenses I have every used - good bokeh too. Its take sharp at 1.4 on my D3. No focus issues and built beautifully. This is really an impressive piece of glass. I highly recommend it, if you are in the market for a 35mm. Its AF is near completely silent and the manual focus is smoother than my AFS nikkors. I still be keeping my 35MM AIS, but this lens will see a good amount of use due to the nice fast AF.
    Just one man's opinion and experience, but I figured some might be interested in a practical view point.
  2. I might be getting one - as soon as they are in stock somewhere.
    Frankly, I'm wondering why the Canon version is readily available, but the Nikon version continues to be back ordered. I was thinking that there was a problem with the lens for Nikon mount considering all the complaints about the focus consistency. Thought maybe the release was being delayed due to QC issues.
    Nice to finally hear some good reports with respect to F-mount versions. Plenty of Canon lovers out there though. Enjoy the glass.
  3. I usually borrow a lens before I buy it, and I too thought the new Nikon version was not up to par. I borrowed another
    friends Samyang, and was very impressed. Have others used that lens, and what was your impression? I wonder and
    worry about quality between samples.
  4. I have this lens and it is impressive. Just the build quality is atypical Sigma. If there was no markings on it, I would accept it as a German made lens.
    My copy required AF adjustment of +2, and is consistent after that. So no big deal, this is why we have MFA. Also the left AF point on my D800 yields softer result, not completely out of focus, but just a bit off (this becomes important when shooting in portrait mode).
  5. I would've thought the right AF point is of a lot more importance than the left for vertical portrait shots.
  6. sam, does not that depend how one rolls?
  7. Correction: above should have been "sam, does not that depend on how one rolls?".
  8. I suppose it does parv.
  9. For availability try Dodd Camera. There is guy there that handles internet sales named Brad. Very good person and kept me updated regularly on my order. They had a bunch coming in, but I don't know how many were spoken for.
    One thing I started to consider when I tested the 35MM AIS against the AFS and the Sigma. My 35MM AIS is a very late serial number. These were and may still be in production. I wonder if Nikon tweaks the manufacturing process on this old AIS lenses. Certainly the optical formula has not changed, but a more modern process and better coatings, actually could lead to a better product at the end of model life then when this lens was available 20 years ago. My AIS is quite good wide open and blazing sharp stopped down. Its also have the size of the sigma and nikon modern lenses.
  10. I`m very surprised the 35/1.4AFS is softer wide open (in the center!) than the AiS version. I`d say the AiS is quite soft and with big flare issues compared to anything!
  11. would love to see some pics from the sigma 35/1.4 from 1.4-2.8.
  12. It might help if we knew what camera body we were talking about when discussing the relative quality of these lenses. A lens that covers full-frame well, with good corner definition, probably won't show very high central sharpness on a DX camera. Lenses can be designed for good coverage or high central sharpness - you rarely get both.
    WRT the Samyang 35mm f/1.4; my copy is excellent on a full frame D800. Central sharpness isn't quite as high as some other lenses, but the corners are a lot better than most high aperture lenses. Contrast and resistance to flare are really superb. It's not all about pure sharpness.
  13. Mine showed up today. Man is it well built has more heft then my 35mm f/1.4 AI-S.
    Follow the link to see a couple if shots at f/1.4
  14. Having just made a reference to this lens in another thread, I thought I would check B&H to see the status ... it is still backordered but priced at $899. At Amazon, it IS available, for $1786.84, plus $23.00 shipping!!! Shipping from Japan. Hope that's the reason for the price diff, and hopefully we are not entering an era characterized by PT Barnum (paraphrased here) "There's a lens purchaser born every minute".
  15. Bruce
    I got mine from Midwest photo exchange I was on a waiting list for a couple of weeks and paid 899
  16. Michael: Thanks for that ... it's on the way. :)
  17. Your welcome Bruce.

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