New Schneider lenses at 2004 photokina

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by arne_croell, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. There is a short press release at Schneider-Kreuznach's German web
    site about their new products for the upcoming photokina:

    <a href=""><a\>

    Two lenses for ULF users ("Fine Art XXL" 550 and 1100mm) and 2 new
  2. Oh I especially want one as I can get my name engraved on it.
  3. Wow! Schneider already demonstrated their commitment to us by introducing their Super-Symmar series and the new APO tele designs, but this one is even more an act of brotherhood. As a company, they have earned our respect!
  4. So where's the lightweight, F5.6, 90 - 210mm zoom?

  5. WOW

    This is fantastic! If I sell all my other photo equipment, perhaps I can afford one.

    Porsche, Maybach, Hermes M and now I can have a lens that matches the colours of the rest. I must however keep the 8 x 10 Shen Hao that has my name engraved on it so I can use the lens.

    George Eastman and his 2 dollar Brownie are a long time gone. I remember reading in one AA's books that he had to resist buying a lens because it cost $40.

    Nice to see anyway.

  6. But will there be any sheet film to use them with?
  7. No, people will just be sitting at their computers and discussing the digital vs. film debate...

    ... But Schneider says it in their introduction: "On the one hand, digital photography is also booming in the area of the specialized camera, on the other, an increasing number of photo enthusiasts for photography worldwide are opting for very large cut-film formats between 8"x10" and 20"x24", in order to achieve a maximum in sharpness, reproduction of detail, and richness of tone values."

    There we are... if there wasn't a market, they wouldn't be making the lenses...
  8. Haven't you heard of the new digital sensor for banquet cameras? It's basically a Sony Trinitron screen that operates in reverse.
  9. I want one! Sweet

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