New Retina IIc has arrived

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by robert_chadwick, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I showed pics from my Retina IIa last week, well my new Retina IIc arrived from Germany this morning, I am chuffed to bits with it as it is in pristine condition, no case unfortunately but I have other camera cases I can use, here is a pic of it . I will run a film through it in the next few days then post the results. Cost me 35 Euros plus 8 Euros postage, brilliant!!
  2. Robert,
    I had a IIc and it was a very nice camera, but I sold it and kept my IIa instead. I didn't find the IIc any sharper than my IIa like some people say. Also. the IIa was more compact for carry. I notice the front lens group is a 50mm f2 Xenon. My IIc had the 50 f2.8 and I thought that's what all IIc's had, but I could be wrong. Also, I thought the serial no. on the shutter were supose to match the front and rear lens groups, but I could be wrong on that also. Still looks like a very pretty camera. JohnW
  3. Hi John W, You are right , usually the lens groups were matched pairs, I have checked the numbers and the number you can see on the right hand side of the front lens group 4540 599 is also etched into the lens ring of the rear group. They must be the factory matched pair. Although the lens is an F2 the aperture scale only goes to 2.8 although I think actually the lens will open up to F2. I just have to decide what film to use Colour or B&W. Cheers Bob
  4. Matanle claimed that the f/2.8 lens was sharper than the /2.0, but others claimed that the f/2.8 lens was the same lens that was intentionally mechanically limited to go no wider than f/2.8.
    I personally am not fond of having the film advance on the bottom, but I can live with it. The IIIc's are a nice camera if you can find one with a working meter. One of my pride and joys is the IIIC but you are not likely to find one for 30 Euros.
  5. Jim,
    From my experience what you say could very well be true. My older IIa's 50mm f2 Xenon was just as sharp aa the IIc's F2.8 Xenon at f2.8. Contrast might have been a little better on the IIc in rough light, but I really couldn't see any difference. Either one is a top notch lens and as good as any 50mm made and better than most.
  6. Looks really nice ! What a great deal!
  7. Personally, my IIc is a little sharper than my IIa...
    I found this lens sharper than any of the rangefinders I have tried, (excepted maybe equal to the Yashica 35GSN) and it's so small and cute too. Congratulations, Robert.
  8. I have both a IIa and a IIc. I prefer the IIc because it is a little bigger which makes it
    easier to hold. As far as image quality goes they are both very good.

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