New ProShow Gold 2.5 -- Worth the upgrade?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by john kissane, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. I am a happy user of Proshow Gold 2.0. I see that there is a new
    release 2.5 and have check their "what's new" page on the web site.
    However, I am not impressed as the upgrade cost is US$ 45 on a $70
    sofware item.

    Anybody out there with 2.5 that can give me your opinion of this
    upgrade? Thanks in advance. John K
  2. I would recomend you to download the trial version and test it .....

    Easy ....
  3. Thanks, was waiting for some time to check out the trial version. Did that tonight and found the 2.5 may be free to 2.0. Will check this out further. Thanks for your response. JohnK
  4. You bet it's worth it. Just to be able to change the background colour to match your photo is worth the extra to me. Many more user features like the light box. Not to mention being able to colourize your keyline boarders.
    Here is the latest slideshow I have created fully in version 2.5
    You make the decision!
  5. Mark, sorry for the delay. Your slideshow is great. I wish, I wish. Regards

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