New professional 35mm system announced

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  1. Press Release for Immediate Distribution

    Suwa, Japan October 13, 2003

    Hachiyo Koki Heavy Industries announced here today that it will soon
    bring to the market a new line of professional 35mm cameras under
    the "Nicanpus" brand name. Although primarily known as a manufacturer
    of coal mining equipment, Hachiyo Koki had some involvement in the
    Japanese rangefinder boom of the 1950s when it provided tools to the
    Kuribayashi Camera Works, makers of the famed "Petri" line of
    cameras. Hachiyo Koki CEO Ogata Ito said proudly, "I've always liked
    cameras and I thought it was an appropriate time for us to get back
    into the business."

    While many industry analysts have predicted the demise of film-based
    35mm cameras, Ito said "The quality of Nicanpus cameras will revive
    the market, especially for performance-oriented professional
    photographers and advanced amateurs." Hayashi Tsuru, head engineer or
    Nicanpus product development, stated, "Our intention is to build the
    finest 35mm system the world has ever seen ... without compromises
    and without undue consideration for costs. We will use the finest
    materials available and the most advanced technologies."

    When pressed for details, Tsuru said, "Everyone knows that prime
    lenses are superior to zooms, so the Nicanpus "Nictoplex" line will
    consist entirely of prime lenses. But we will have the most extensive
    line of prime lenses available and also the fastest. They will range
    from the f0.95/3mm Nictoplex super wide angle to the f 2.8/5,000mm
    Nictoplex super telephoto. Tsuru added, "We are all aware that
    multicoatings improve lens contrast and control flare, so Nictoplex
    lenses will have at least 30% more coatings than other manufacturers'
    optics. Further, all Nictoplex lenses will have have at least one
    floating element and one set of aspheric elements, since we know
    these features represent the height of lens manufacturing capability
    and quality."

    Rumors have it that Sigma and Tokina will make zoom lenses for
    Nicanpus cameras as soon as they can learn the specifications for the
    new Nicanpus mount. Confidential sources within Hachiyo Koki say the
    flange to film plane distance will be the shortest for any 35mm
    camera ever manufactured. This will allow the mounting and infinity
    focusing of virtually any 35mm lens ever made via Hachiyo Koki's new
    and proprietary "Gummi Ring" technology (developed by the Adhesives
    Division of Hachiyo Koki). Although this technology was not
    demonstrated at press time, insiders say the Gummi Ring is
    approximately the size and shape of a bagel. Unfortunately,
    non-Nictoplex lenses will lose their automatic features when mated to
    the Gummi Ring, but they may still be operated manually.

    In concluding the press conference Ogata Ito said, "For the first
    time in 35mm history viewers of the finest photographic prints will
    know that they were made by Nicanpus cameras and Nictoplex lenses."
    Our proprietary "Magic Array" of in-camera led technology will print
    the center and edge resolutions of each Nictoplex lens just inside
    each photographic frame, and for the f-stop used in that exposure."

    The styling of the new Nicanpus cameras remains a mystery, although
    there are hints it will have retro touches. One confidential source
    said a mockup looked like "a cross between a Zenit E and a 1940s
    Kodak Ektra."

    Ogata Ito did say that all Nicanpus camera bodies will be made of
    titanium with gold and platinum accents. He added, "Our strap lugs
    will be solid gold with stainless steel inserts for durability. We
    will set a new standard for strap lugs."

    Other Japanese camera manufacturers such as Nikon, Canon, Minolta,
    Pentax, and Olympus have refused comment on Hachiyo Koki's plans and
    marketing strategies. Industry insiders suggest, however, that these
    companies are investigating possible patent and copyright

    Teriyaki News Agency, Tokyo

  2. Where would they find the professionals?
  3. Is it April the 1st in Japan?
  4. A breakthrough in camera strap lugs....FINALLY!!!! Will they be air or liquid cooled, and belt or chain driven? (Signed) Otto Focus
  5. PS:---- the managing director forgot to mention one important thing ehich is ------That this new pro camera will turn any daft photographer into elite.
  6. I just read where they will also put out a second line of lower priced lenses designated as the The Take-a-shita Vomitar and Vomiton zooms for those less interested in state-of-the-art optics. In retaliation, Nikon has announced that it is entering the coal mining supply business with an exciting new line of picks, shovels, acetylene helmet lamps, and donkey carts.
  7. This is a good reaction to the new Monica! Go Nicanpus Go! Monica will win anyway!

    I seriously believe, that Monica cameras will be far superior to this Nicanpus stuff!
  8. Everyone knows that the Monica sucks.
  9. GOSH! Monica is 28, and it seems like only yesterday she was running around the White House on her hands and knees.
  10. Could be worse, could be Mishima Heavy Industries. I never realized the Japanese really used that as a company title.
  11. wasnt it conicus?

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